Mini Break

I'm taking a two week break, but there's a lot to look forward to when that break ends. Get a sneak peek now and sign up for the newsletter!

It's finals week(s).

Over the course of the next two weeks I'll be turning in 3 different projects, 2 papers and taking 6 final exams. In between that all I'll be moving into a new apartment and switching from part-time to full time at my job. It's going to be crazy.

Because of that I've decided to take a mini break from blogging while I focus on finishing my classes and keeping up with my work. I'll be back to blogging May 18th with some fantastic content for you all! There's some big projects happening this month and I'm extremely excited to share them all. If you have any question you can reach me through the contact form!

For those of you taking finals these next couple of weeks, good luck!!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll be seeing end of May/ early June:

  • A complete guide to finding and editing images for your blog/website
  • How to create and send client welcome & client goodbye kits
  • All about branding, a complete guide to consistent branding for your business
  • 2 eBooks being released, one all about managing your money and the other a complete guide to starting a business online