06. Bonus Content

What to send people

This is the question I see most often -

What do I send my subscribers every week?

There are no rules when it comes to what you send your subscribers. You can go with the basics, like a weekly review of your blog posts, or go with more exclusive content. I made a list of some ideas.

  • Articles or posts from your blog (using an RSS feed campaign or just regular links to the site)
  • Downloadable content like guides, eBooks, worksheets or templates
  • Exclusive articles, these are "blog posts" that are nowhere else on the web except in their inbox.
  • Podcasts or videos
  • PDF copies of your latest blog post
  • Announcements, news, and updates
  • Coupon codes, free products or services
  • Your secrets and tips or behind the scenes of something you do
  • Post round-ups, or other great content from the web.

What you send will really depend on your audience and industry. Keep your topic in-line with your niche so it fits your readers, but don't be afraid to try something different!


Ask for your subscribers for feedback on what they enjoy most and utilize the MailChimp reports to see which emails are the most popular


Can't decide between two subject lines? You don't have to. Let's say you have 100 email subscribers. You can send Subject line A to 10 of them and Subject line B to 10 others. Whichever subject line has the most opens and clicks will then be sent to the remaining 80 subscribers to optimize your open rate.

Read more about A/B testing here.


One of the best ways to engage your subscribers is by offering them content that aligns with their interests or needs. Groups allow you to break up your lists by interests and Segmentations allow you to break up the list by engagement and other stats. Both of these options allow you to better target your audience and make sure you're always sending helpful content.

A great example of using segmentations could be during a launch. New subscribers probably don't want to see 10 emails from you reminding them of your launch, because they're new! They don't know or trust you yet. You can segment them into a separate list and make sure they only get helpful content that will build that relationship before you start selling.

Learn more about Groups here.

Learn more about Segments here.


Action steps

  • Set up a free mailchimp account. Make a list and a signup form.
  • Set up a landing page. Add your form to the page.
  • Create an opt-in offer in exchange for visitors giving you their emails. Add this to your landing page.
  • Start setting up some newsletter content. Once a week is a good place to start. Prep 4 weeks of newsletters and schedule them in Mailchimp.
  • Start guest posting. Link to your landing page on all your social media.

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