02. Setting Up

Account settings

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This is probably the most valuable aspect of 17Hats. The ability to build and use templates is what saves me hours every week when working with leads and clients. Within one system you can save canned emails, contracts, quotes, invoices and questionnaires. All of them have the same clean & simple design as the rest of the platform.

I use templates for everything, and they allow me to automate the majority of my work by using workflows, which I'll touch on a little later.

Templates also make it incredibly easy to get my clients the information they need as quickly as possible while saving me time typing out the same contract and emails for each of my coaching clients. Templates can be built in gmail if you'd prefer, but 17Hats puts them all in one place and gives you more control over how they are used.


This is a vital part of my workflow because I use questionnaires for pre-meeting questions and to gather testimonials. Here's a quick look at how you can easily build beautiful questionnaires.