04. Working with clients

Lead Forms

These are the first step in automating some of your workflow. Using 17Hats you can create "contact me" forms and share them on social media, embed them into your website or add it to a facebook page. (If you're a vendor on TheKnot, WeddingWire, or ShowItFast you can also set up "forms" for incoming emails from those systems)
To set up a new lead form, login to 17Hats, click on "leads" in the left sidebar, then click the grey "lead capture" button in the upper right hand corner and next to "Lead Capture Methods" hit the plus sign to add a new form. Easy as pie.

One of my favorite aspects of a lead capture form is that you can map certain questions into a contact card. For example, if someone types in their website address you can tell 17Hats to add that answer under "Website" on the lead contact card. It takes a step out of the process and allows you to easily build a contact book with lead forms.


I love having the ability to send a quote to my clients with a contract, invoice and payment schedule attached. It takes 2 steps out for me, and gives my clients the flexibility to choose how and how much they want to pay for my various packages.

You can customize quotes just as easily as invoices and add optional items, required items and allow your clients to choose a quantity. The quotes put more power in your client's hands while still making it super simple for you to get a contract signed and an invoice paid.

Signing contracts can be more of a hassle than needed. 17Hats makes it super simple. You send a contract, you client digitally signs it, then you digitally sign it. No scanning, trying to sign your name with a computer mouse or printing any pages.


The contracts are easy to design as well, with a simple text editor you can write it all within 17Hats or copy & paste it from another source. Easy peasy.


It is so easy to create invoices within 17Hats. You can offer payment schedules, charge for tax, create due dates, build reoccurring payments and edit every line of your service or product fees.


Personally, I'm not a fan of Paypal - I won't get into a rant here, but I don't like their company. So the ability to use Stripe payment processor was really important to me when I was looking for an invoice system. The great thing about 17Hats is that they allow you to pick from Stripe, Paypal or Authorize.net - so no matter which system you prefer you'll get your money on time.

17Hats also does not take any percentage of your invoices. Your payment processor will take a percentage (all of them do) but you'll never have to worry about additional chunks being taken out just to use their system. Hurray for transparent pricing!