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When Nora started college, she wasn't big on parties or clubs, so she spent her freshman year in her dorm building a business from her blog. In 2013 she transitioned her lifestyle blog to a business, began offering website design services on WordPress and expanding the blog to include tips for bloggers wanting to start their own site.

Through 2013 to 2015 the business grew and changed a lot. Nora started offering virtual assistant services, then design, now coaching. Along the way she became obsessed with productivity tools, small business strategy and online marketing. Nora hated business classes for school, but she spent most of my time online learning all she could about business. 

In 2015 the new site, Nora Conrad, was launched on Squarespace. Nora wanted to re-brand and change her services to focus on productivity coaching. After years of trying to find the best methods to run a site, save time on social media while side-hustling and testing her way through the best apps for different workflows - Nora realized she was good at this stuff. Her life-long love of organization turned out to be a marketable skill. Who knew?! 

When Nora finally found what she was good at, the business boomed. From the launch of the site in 2015 to today, our page views and unique hits have consistently grown every month. In 2016, Nora reached a point in her business where it was time to grow further. Nora's husband joined the team in the summer of 2016 along with two interns in fall of 2016. And so, our story continues.


Meet Nora, our founder

Hey there, I'm Nora. I'm a 20-something Christian with a passion for online business. I've been a website designer, virtual assistant and blogger in the past few years but recently found my stride in helping other business owners get systems set up and their online life organized. I've been called a workflow expert.

I'm an organizing junkie and I use that to help small biz owners figure out their plans, save themselves time and make more money while living their dream.

When I built this site in 2009, as a high school student, it began as a lifestyle blog. Back then I wrote awful poetry and complained about my sisters. Now I've turned that little blog into this action-driven resource hub for side-hustlers in over 26 countries.

I'm passionate about 3 things; sharing God's truth and grace, writing every day and organizing chaos. I use all three to motivate other business owners into starting their own biz and helping current biz owners feel less overwhelmed. 

I currently live in Colorado with my cat, puppy and my husband. You'll see them a lot on my Instagram.


Meet Doug, Our Account Manager

Hello, I'm Doug - Nora's husband and the money guy. I served in the U.S. Air force for about 4 years before my medical discharge in 2016. I started helping Nora with her business and after we saw how much it was growing, I decided to get on board full time. 

I'm starting school in Fall 2017 to pursue my bachelor degree in Business Accounting and Management. In the meantime, I'm working a full time job, side hustling at home with my wife and learning all I can about the online business world.


Meet Ashlee, Our go-to designer

Let me tell you a bit about myself! I’m Ashlee – hello! It’s so nice to meet you and I’m so thankful that you’re here. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Visual Communication emphasis in Graphic Design and minor in Photography. I have over 4 years experience in the industry developing and designing with my clients in mind. 

In August 2016, I decided to open up Ashlee Binderim Digital Design Co. to help me and my hubby achieve our dreams of helping people and traveling. After launching with my fingers crossed and high hopes, we've been able to surpass our wildest dreams. I now help people on a daily basis by using my skill set and branding their business. I spend my days designing, learning, and growing. This journey has been humbling and uplifting all at the same time. I'm humbled by the challenges and uplifted by the successes – being my own boss is the most challenging job that I've had yet. On the weekends, you can usually find remodeling our house, out enjoying nature, or working. We do that a lot. This is my life, and I can't complain.

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Meet Stephanie, Our Project Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I’m a blogger, project manager and virtual assistant from Montreal, Canada. I have a passion for helping others who, like me, are trying to balance the important things in life - loved ones, careers, spirituality and their passions.

Recently I decided to use my 6 years of experience as an executive assistant and coordinator in the private, public, and wedding industry to help other creative entrepreneurs. My goal and vision are to work with people that I can truly support. Personally, I love the idea of finding other creatives that I connect with and can feel excited about assisting them to make their dreams and projects a reality.  In my spare time, I love spending time up north, curled up by the fire with a good book, spending time with family and friends or working on my side hustle. I’m so delighted to be here and can’t wait to get to know you! 

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MEET Katherine, OUR Content Editor

Hey there, I'm Katherine. I'm Nora's youngest sister and a junior in high school. I'm in love with history, english and hiking. I've loved writing as long as I can remember and when Nora started hunting for an editor I jumped at the chance to help and learn more about online content. 

I hope to major in history and one day travel to see the world's greatest historical landmarks. I aspire to be the female Indiana Jones ;) I can't wait to connect and get to know you all. Enjoy the site!



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