a brief (re)introduction

I grew up understanding that stress means you’re a hard worker, money problems are not to be talked about and busy means you’re successful. My guess is that many of you reading this have been taught the same lessons. I’ve been surrounded by stress as long as I can remember. The typical greeting in our family is “hi, how are you”, “good, we’ve been busy”. Busy was a badge of honor - something that screams I work hard and I am productive.

Don’t misunderstand me - my stress and poor financial decisions cannot all be pinned on my parents or family members. Most of the habits and constraints I’ve been taught to live within were a result of societal norms and the cultural idea of the so-called American Dream. Just because these norms are the standard, doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest or best way to live. Lucky for us, we’re living in a time where mental health, financial freedom, and minimalism are becoming trends worth following.

As I’ve hurdled my own issues, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what things help me feel my best. 

  • Good sleep makes me productive and happy. 

  • Less stress helps me eat well and take better care of my body. 

  • A clean home gives me the motivation to work on hobbies and passion projects. 

  • An open schedule gives me the freedom to build friendships and enjoy days at the pool or afternoons in a coffee shop. 

Enough sleep, less stress, a clean home and open schedules all sound lovely, but they don’t happen without careful design. It takes intentional habits, care and planning to create an enjoyable life. Once you have it, it’s easy to hold on to, but breaking out of your old ways is hard.

My business has been an off and on hobby for me over the last seven years. I made a range of monthly income from $1 to $1000 but truthfully, I've always put it on the back burner because I didn't have time or I didn't know what to do with it. For the last year, I've taken a step back to decide what I really want to do with this site and the content I've already created.

I decided to start fresh.

You'll still be able to find all my old posts on the blog archives, but from here on out, this site is going to be a valuable resource to help you simplify your life. I want this to be a place where you aren't bombarded by ads or sneaky sales tactics. I want this to be a blog you read when you need some motivation to clean up or clear out. I want to give the best advice I can based on what I've found works for me and my family. 

I'll be posting one blog post per month on the first of every month from here on out. Every post will have a video and every post will have some sort of free resource to help you work on actionable steps to simplify. My goal is to give you super simple, easy-to-follow steps that let you reach (and maybe create) your goals.

Whether you hit your breaking point and needed some way to change your life or you're just sick of an overflowing inbox and you’re looking for a solution, you’ve stumbled across my business. I hope I can help you to break out of these lessons we’ve taught and the habits we cling to. I hope you leave this site with control over your schedule, your money, your work, and your environment - maybe for the first time in your life. I want you to have control over how you live.

I'm starting my business on a fresh page. Follow along and let me help you simplify your life to make more room for the things that matter most to you.
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