01. Introduction

About this course

We're going to cover a bunch of content in this course and by the end you should have, a complete social media strategy, a better idea of your future products/services and a clear schedule of when you'll post to your social media channels. Sound good?

I help small business owners create a strategy and process for their business that will save them time and money. We're going to save you time by streamlining your social media plans. And I'll save you money because you won't need to pay a social media manager hundreds of dollars to do what will take you less than an hour a week.

This course is a combination of videos, posts and worksheets. Videos will be for technical training, teaching you the tools we'll use and going in-depth to using the worksheets. You'll be able to read about the strategy in the posts and begin to implement it using the worksheets I've provided.

Ready to dig in? Me too. Check out the different modules for the content, and get started by digging into the worksheets. Best of luck!

Tools we'll be using