04. Graphics Crash Course


If you're not use to designing graphics or you're looking for new quick ways to create site graphics + social media images - this module is for you. If you've been creating graphics for awhile and feel comfortable in it - you can skip this section :)


Canva.com is a free photo editing software that allows you to use and create templates to streamline your graphic creation. This year, Canva also released a premium version of their software called, "Canva for Work" which gives you more branding, template and teamwork features. 

Canva does have limits on what it can do, but combined with our next tool, Pixlr, you can create virtually anything you need for your graphics (all for free). I have Adobe Creative Cloud, and I still find myself using Canva for quick announcements, social media posts and webinar graphics.

Watch the tutorial for Canva below!