07. Content Ideas + Storage

The Idea List


  • Behind the scenes photos
    • Desks, coffee, office tours, in-process designs, plans, notes in a notebook, screenshots of projects, tools you're using, inspiration in your home
  • Quotes
    • Inspirational phrases, funny one-liners, quotes from famous people, quotes from your own blog posts or workshops, quotes from other business owners in your niche (tag them), quotes from a book or your bible
  • Related Content
    • Links to blog posts or bloggers with great content (be sure to tag them), links to your own blog posts and past posts, links to blogs you follow regularly for #FF (the Follow Friday hashtag is huge on twitter), links to videos or workshops that your audience would benefit from
  • Updates and News
    • Changes to your site, products or services, updates on things happening in your life, news about the industry or niche, news about upcoming events or workshops, updates on projects, upcoming work or collaborations
  • Other Ideas
    • Announcements, Question of the Day, Tip of the day (daily tips), funny images or videos, tutorials or workshops, webinars, giveaways, contests, favorite books/movie/recipe, infographics, coupon codes or discounts, encouragement, follow trains, call to actions, surveys, newsletter lists you love, adult homework, worksheets, ebooks, freebies, resources, virtual events, short stories, testimonials, services, products.