2015 Income Report + New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break, ate lots of candy canes and drank gallons of hot chocolate. We had a lovely time with our family, but it was also very busy. I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things and get writing again - but first I have some news and updates for you.

Over the break I made some changes - you may have noticed. Nora Conrad got a face lift (no, not me Nora, the site Nora). A new, easier to navigate, less cluttered layout is now up. I've also updated my social media and site to finally have matching colors and logos. What do y'all think? Let me know in the comments.

I also worked on a pretty large project over the break - a brand new etsy shop. January 5th will be the grand opening. I'll be selling ebooks, worksheets, and resources to help you grow your business and plan your work. This has been so highly requested the last few months I decided to listen to y'all and get to work. I am so excited about the quality of the worksheets and the plans to grow the shop even more in the future.

Tomorrow you can get anything in the shop for 20% off using promo code "GRAND20". Just as a little thank you for everyone who gave me ideas, feedback and honest opinions. 

Alright - that was the longest intro to a blog post I've ever written, so let's dive into the good stuff. I broke down my entire income for the year (and expenses) to give you an idea what my business structure looks like. I also tracked my follower counts to show you how much they've grown by implementing all the tips I talk about on my blog and on social media.

2015 Income Report + New Year Resolutions

*Keep in mind I didn't start keeping track + recording this until July 2015, so the total "2015" amount is from July 2015 to December 2015*


Client work: $3613.72
Conrad University Sales: $490.75
Other Income (ads, campaigns, affiliates): $490.84

TOTAL INCOME: $4595.31


Squarespace: $223.66
17Hats: $224
Calendly: $15
Google Email: $29.51
Buffer: $215.21
Evernote: $35.95
Etsy & Payment Fees: $41.57
Adobe Creative Cloud: $79.96
Other: $352.48
*other included Dragon Dictation, Subscription Magazines, LastPass, Domain Names, PoBox, Wondershare Filmora, Screencast-o-matic Pro*


NET INCOME FOR 2015- $3,377.91



Facebook: 238 likes [Change from July 2015 +111] 
Twitter: 2794 followers [Change from July 2015 +143] 
Instagram: 659 followers [Change from July 2015  +203]
Pinterest: 1669 followers [Change from July 2015  +435]
YouTube: 1937 subscribers [Change from July 2015  +536] 
Bloglovin': 308 followers [Change from July 2015  +47] 
Google+: 57 followers [Change from July 2015  +39]
Newsletter: 1048 subscribers [Change from July 2015  +608] 
Periscope: 330 followers [Change from July 2015  +330] 

A couple notes on my stats: 

  • I clean out my followers regularly. Meaning I block spam accounts, remove non-active subscribers and delete any duplicates from all my accounts. That's for me to make sure every person that follows me, is truly a possible customer.
  • In September, I removed 470 subscribers from my newsletter list to only the most active recipients. 
  • I started really focusing on social media and growing my followers around the end of September, and by using Buffer, I've seen my largest jump in activity and community building.


  • Revisit old blog posts and update them with fresh content, new formatting and helpful tools. 
  • Prep 3-4 months worth of content to start the year off on the right foot (I'm already working on this)
  • Launch my Etsy Shop, The Worksheet Shop.
  • Update all my ecourses with new content, additional resources and easier-to-read worksheets. 
  • Find guest bloggers to post in 2016. Interested? Sign up here.

2016 Goals

  • Add 5 new clients to my Bold Boss Mastermind each month 
  • Collaborate with community at least 6 times. (Every other month)
  • Launch a new ecourse for those who can't afford coaching.
  • Host monthly webinars starting in March
  • Periscope on a schedule & regularly
  • Save money to purchase yearly subscriptions to the tools I use rather than monthly
  • Move from Mailchimp to Convert Kit
  • Hire a part-time virtual assistant

My 2015 Reports:

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What are your goals for 2016? What big projects did you launch this year? Let me know your thoughts and progress in the comments below!