21 Day Norbly Workout Challenge

Workout this summer and kick start it with a 21 day challenge. A few months back I did a 21 day challenge and got some awesome results from it. Here are the before and after pictures:

So tonight I tweeted about starting a 21 Day Workout Challenge and that tweet got more replies than I thought it would. A ton of people asked what workout plan I was using but I made my own so it was hard to explain in 160 characters. So I decided to post my full 21 Day Workout Challenge Plan on here instead of sending it to a bunch of people.

This plan is based off HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, body weight workouts and cardio. This plan was designed to help me kick off my training for the Tough Mudder in September so it may be tough for beginners (but i’m pretty out of shape so don’t let that discourage you). You can modify the reps and sets to anything that fits your fitness level.

*I made the plan printable, so if you can read tiny font use the horizontal plan, it fits on one page. If you want a bigger font and don’t mind printing a few pages use the vertical plan. Both are in PDF files. Please do not copy or claim this plan as your own. I worked hard to modify this plan and make it exactly how I wanted it.*

If you don’t know what one of the exercises is called, please just Google it. There are thousands of websites that tell you the proper form to do each exercise, use them! If you really can’t find it, comment below. Please do not spam me with hundreds of questions. Most of the exercises are super well known, and all of them can be done at home with body weight, dumbbells and a chair. You can do them in a gym, add weights and add reps/sets to make each workout more difficult.

Remember to hydrate well before each workout, and listen to your body! If something really hurts, stop. Don’t push yourself to an injury, but do push yourself enough to work your muscles. These workouts may not seem tough while you are doing them, but you will most definitely feel it the next morning.

According to some study and a bunch of people on the internet it takes 21 days to form a habit, that’s why this plan goes for 21 days. You can repeat this plan as many times as you want, change it up by adding reps, sets, weights and changing the time for each workout. Make sure you keep one rest day per week to let your body heal properly.

I also wanted to post a before picture before I start this plan so I can post an after picture later on, so here is what I look like as of May 15th:


That’s it for now. Good luck on your workouts and let me know how you like the 21 Day Norbly Workout Challenge.


Nora Conrad