5 Steps to a more fulfilled life

I am Fiztslona Katrice, A busy mom, A lifestyle blogger, a homegrown cook and a small business owner. Oh and if I didn’t mention I am currently thriving while fighting cancer! That’s a different story for another blog ☺

Take a moment and Yawn…Stretch…and let me help you get some things back on track. Go ahead, I’ll give you a moment. Refill your morning cup of tea (my personal preference over coffee), turn on your favorite tunes and grab your electronic device to take notes. Or in some cases just get your phone's personal assistant to do the work for you!

As a parent I had to learn hard and fast what it took to love, care for and nurture a child, there was no handbook.

As a new business owner, I had to research, adapt and sometimes fail before I became successful. We will discuss what success means to you later in the post!

As a cook whose passion is to feed the souls of others through food I had to create my path, there was no pink print (I’m a lady pink makes me smile).

So as a blogger I have prepared a mini blueprint for you to begin to live your fullest life, live out your passion and create your destiny. Notice I said YOU’RE A lot? Well. that’s because getting on track to make sure that your dreams come to fruition and you live in your passion is about YOU! It’s not about what others think you should be doing it's about what your heart and soul tell you that you need to do. It’s that thing you think about when you're pulled out of a deep sleep. It’s that nudging feeling that catches you at your desk daydreaming, it’s that silent dream that you don’t really speak of because you’re not 100% sure that our not just being a wanderlust.

That’s the nickname that my family gave to me whenever I would speak of what they thought was a harebrained scheme to quit working my 9-5. Because I have spent the last seven years learning, creating, growing and in some cases failing, I have done some of the groundwork for you to move effectively through the process of learning how to get organized, create your destiny and live in your purpose. So here are a few things to incorporate into your routine that will help shape and mold you, help you live a healthy life and create your destiny.

1. Speak to Yourself

Daily I start my morning with a simple Thank You…. I sometimes don’t go into specifics with myself I just simply say the words out loud so the universe and my creator can hear me. Its my own way of saying thank God I didn’t wake up dead! Thank God that I have another opportunity to get it right today and perhaps be a better me than I was yesterday!

Why I recommend starting your day with some form of gratitude is more about you than anything else. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. We all have conversations with ourselves, it’s just a matter of acknowledging that we are constantly in motion when it comes to thinking. Have you ever heard folks say “I can’t seem to shut my brain off?” well it’s because they can’t, we can’t. It’s impossible however you can train yourself to think better, to choose what you listen to when those thoughts enter, and how to let the negative speak go.

Have you ever wanted to try something new and heard yourself give you a thousand reason why you shouldn’t? Why it wouldn’t work? Why you were sure to fail? Well, those my friends are what we call stuck thoughts. That’s where you find yourself at a mental crossroad. This is where that morning mantra of gratitude will come into play.

Be intentional and speak life into your dreams.

2. Be Intentional

As I Wake up I move with intention. I have my cup of tea, read an inspirational quote to get me moving and I have an intentional conversation with myself. I make sure to not reach for my phone as this is my “me” time. Besides what is it that can wait for an additional 10-15 mins? Like seriously everything that you have to accomplish will be there waiting …. I promise☺.

Some days with kids, work, projects and such, my “me’ time is the same as my shower time.  In thinking about my life and how so much has changed in the past 3 years, I now know what the word important really means. Important used to mean responding to emails STAT, being on the PTA to ensure my kid knew I cared, being everything to everyone, being the yes lady for everyone but myself, being the best employee while helping build someone else’s dream and not chasing mines.

I now know that the things that tug at my soul are important, being in a position to be home when my child gets out of school for those conversations that will soon be no more as she grows into a young adult and begins to look more to her peers for support and advice. Cooking and feeding my family, eating together, branding myself and my business and just being the best version of myself that oi know how to be.

Daily I move with intention starting with my plan for the day. I am a list person! Hear me when I say if I don’t write it down it’s not going to happen! If you don’t send it to me in a text or email my brain doesn’t process it so it’s almost like the request was never made. So make a list of IMPORTANT things that you would like to accomplish today.

Remember to put yourself and your dreams/passions first on the list. Move forward with your day knowing and understanding that you are human and if things don’t go as planned, well your still here and with grace you will get a change to try again tomorrow.

3. Be Fearless

Listen carefully, there is a huge difference between fearing something and letting fear stagnate you and prevent you from moving forward. Being fearful of something is perfectly normal and a nature response to things that happen around us that we perceive as outside the norm.

Being fearful says… hmm I don’t like this queasy feeling, its new its uncomfy but I can trudge ahead and see what happens. It’s the proverbial leap! The embrace yourself for the ride because there will be bumps. Allowing fear to trap you is, I wish I could…. but I’m too scared. I want to but…. Do you guys hear me? It’s the but’s, why’s, and the I can'ts of your mind. Because the truth is you can and most likely should. I mean let’s be real, our creator does not provide us with dreams that he can’t help us manifest!

It’s really quite simple, MOVE! No really M.O.V.E, Manifest Our Virtues Every Day!

We have dreams and goals that are deposited into our spirit daily, it’s our job to take steps to bring those to fruition. There will be fear involved in striking out on your own, trying new things, letting go of what we were conditioned to believe is the only way.

Fear is always present, but so is faith use them both to your advantage. You are honoring yourself by moving past the fear and doing it!

4. GOALS!!!!!

Let us agree that goals are great, when we see them through. We have been conditioned to think that we should make goals for the new year, becoming a parent, a wife, a business owner etc., and while that great we need to remain realistic. I have applied the art of the 90-day goal setting program. 90 days is a simple three months. Lots can happen in three months.

It’s a way to keep track of my goals, as making a five-year goal is terrific but how manageable is that when life really happens? Create a 90 day to do list. Personal, family, work, school this way you are more likely to come back more often and check in on yourself.

There is a difference between a plan and a goal. I tell all of my customers, a plan is a blueprint to how you would like to accomplish something, a goal is that thing that you’d like to accomplish. After my diagnosis my GOAL was to travel more, spend more quality time with my friends and family especially my daughter and to be my best self.

Now my plan to accomplish those goals looked very different, it included managing my finances better, homeschooling my daughter, saving, researching new places to travel, sacrificing some luxuries and so much more. So when looking at your goal list be prepared to have a plan on how you’d like to make them happen.

It can be done I promise.

5. Just Breathe

It’s life, its rough some days and others it seems as though the sun is shining just for us! On those rough days I have learned to literally just give myself a break. I have to shut off the electronics, close myself away for a few hours dance to the latest radio mix or completely shut down and just take a nap. It’s all ok.

Whatever a break looks like to you, it’s all ok. In business particularly, I find that I am constantly on someone else’s schedule, relying on someone else to meet a deadline that if not met hold me up. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I strive to manage my need to make everyone function like I do. I’m nowhere near perfect, but the way my life is set up I actively try to produce great results and to manage myself and my time, especially when dealing with others.

When I am placed in a situation that I cannot control I have learned how to be firm but fair and just breathe. As a parent, there are a ton of times that I could simply pull my hair out in dealing with a pre-teen girl! Why is hair such a huge deal? In those moments I slow down, monitor my breathing and take it back to that gratitude I spoke about earlier…. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for patience. Lol no really hair is a big deal for a young girl, apparently it warrants tears on some days, who knew?

So what I’m encouraging you all to do is just take a moment to slow down and just breathe. Most of our lives are spent going full throttle with few moments to sip a latte, make a call, smile and make connections. Whether you’re a parent, life coach, CEO, business owner or a stay at home mom, try your best to apply this blue print to your life. It is tried and true, I’ve done the work for you, I’ve experienced failure and great success and it’s my sincerest desire to help everyone achieve their dreams and realize their passions.

Take your time its life and yes it’s a big deal but so is your overall wellbeing.





Fiztslona Katrice

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