5 great ways to get your content seen on Pinterest

Pinterest is important for bloggers. Like really important. It's where most of your traffic will probably come from. But I bet you know that or you wouldn't have clicked on this post. So today, we're going to chat about how to get seen on Pinterest and bump up your stats a bit. My team and I planned this post awhile ago and when it came time to write it, I looked at my stats and they weren't all that impressive. Instead of a generic post about those same 10 Pinterest tips you've seen everywhere, we did a case study.

Over 10 days I took the most popular tips I could find and put them to the test to see what helped my stats the most. Below are the top 5 I think will help you grow the quickest and with the least amount of long-term commitment. That means a few days of set up time and your account is set for the year.

A 10 day case study about getting your content seen on Pinterest and upping your stats.

Below you're going to find tips that almost every blog post like this has listed. I decided to put these tips to the test. For 10 days (Jan 30th- Feb 8th) I followed every tip below and recorded my stats to show you how much of a difference these can actually make. Here's my stats from Jan 30th, 2017 (you can check your own stats HERE):

And here are those same stats just 10 days later:

Here's my email from one week with Board Booster:

That's a huge difference in JUST 10 DAYS. These tips work and by spending a little extra time on your social strategy, you can make a big impact.

UPDATE: Here are my board booster stats from week #2!

UPDATE: Here are my board booster stats from week #2!

01. Be Consistent

Keep your branding consistent

The first thing I did before starting my experiment was to re-designed every single one of my blog post graphics. It took about an hour to make them all in canva and around 3 hours to upload them all into Squarespace, but it was well worth it. I had let my branding become a bit crazy as I updated my blog post graphics over the last two years. Now every single post I have has the same template. This will help people recognize & trust my pins. Just step one in a long process.

    Pin Regularly

    One of my biggest struggles was to Pin regularly. I use CoSchedule for my blog posts but besides those automated pins, I didn't do much else during the week. Every once in awhile I'd go on a weekend Pinterest binge but that wasn't doing much to boost my profile. 

    I decided to take the plunge and pay $5 to use BoardBooster. I had used their free trial before and I liked it, but at the time I didn't have the patience or interest to get the account set up properly. This time around, I spent about an hour getting everything set up and ready.

    First, I set up my board booster account and set up the scheduler tool. Here, you choose any board you'd like pins to go and board booster automatically creates corresponding secret boards. The idea is that you pin posts to these secret boards instead of your regular ones, then board booster will pull from those pins throughout the day or week to keep a consistent stream of pins published on your feed.

     I started off with just one pin per board per day. I'll explain why a bit later.

    Then, I logged into my Feedly account and pinned any blog post I thought my audience would enjoy to the corresponding secret boards that Board Booster automatically created for me.

    I then created a secret board with all my blog posts and repinned my content to the secret boards as well. So, now I have secret boards filled with a mix of my own blog posts and other posts that Board Booster will automatically pin for me.

    Once I had some pins on my secret boards I decided to set up a campaign in Board Booster as well. Basically, this campaigns pulls the pins from a secret board I created and randomly repins those to my selected board through the week.

    02. Pay Attention to Keywords

    Keywords are massively important on Pinterest. It's a search engine, so the data you include on the image file name, description, in your business name, and your boards all contribute to that search. Using keywords in all of these will not only help you get more views, but it'll boost your SEO everywhere else too.

    After setting up board booster, I wanted to make sure people pinning from my own  site were using keywords that I wanted. So, I added image captions to every single blog post image. This didn't take a ton of time only because I had been doing this more recently and many of my posts didn't need them. In total it took about an hour.

    I decided to go ahead and change my Pinterest name as well, from Nora Conrad to Nora Conrad - Productivity Coach. This way it'll give my boards & account a little extra boost for the keyword "productivity". I also went ahead and gave my board names a little makeover to include some additional keywords. I used all the same keywords in my titles in the board description as well as some of my pins that were in that board.

    Before changing my board names

    After changing my board names

    I really wanted to boost my account to match the phrases "productivity", "small business", and "coaching". Decide & research which keywords best fit your business and do the same for your account.

    03. Comment & Share Pins from Others

    Building a community is so important in business, especially if you're a newbie. Pinterest is primarily a search engine but it can also be a great way to connect with other people in your niche. 

    Commenting on other people's pins and pinning content from other blogs is a great way to start building friendships with other people in your same space. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned since I started my site, is how valuable friends are in this community. There's no such thing as competition here - we all bring something new to the table and have our own unique roles to play. The stronger the connect you make with others, the more people you have to build you up and help you grow.

    04. Clean Up Your Pins

    Pinterest evaluates your profile based on a ton of different things - your follower count, repins, impressions, etc. One of the best ways to get a boost is by cleaning up your account to get rid of some of those pins that aren't doing so well.

    1. Delete boards that are off-topic from your brand or really out of date.
    2. Delete pins that have less than 5 repins.
    3. Delete pins that don't link to where they need to go.

    Board Booster has a tool to do this called Pin Doctor if you'd rather pay for a quicker route. For a penny per pin, Board Booster will clean up your boards in one swoop. You can also do this manually by deleting pins with less than 5 repins and double-checking your links on the pins you share. Using a virtual assistant to help you is a good way to clean things up as well. I'd recommend making this a monthly chore so that you can keep up on your boards.

    Another important key to pay attention to is how often you pin. There are a bunch of people who will tell you 100-500 pins a day works best (using a tool like tailwind or board booster) - but I think a better number is 10-50. Pinning 100 pins per day means either (a) pinning content that isn't as valuable as it should be or (b) pinning the same incredible content again and again.

    Pinning high-quality content that your audience will value, consistently, is the best way to grow your account. So spend a little extra time checking the links, images, and description. Quality over quantity. 

    05. Join & Start Group Boards

    Remember that whole community thing I was talking about? Yeah, it's important. Group boards are another great way to build on that. Start a group board for the people you already know. I started my infopreneur board with all the lovely ladies I've met through selling info products. Get your community together and start collaborating. 

    It's important to remember to clean up group boards as well. Work with your other collaborators and every month, delete those pins that are no longer relevant, have less that 5 repins or broken links. 


    Pinterest is so important y'all. How have your Pinterest stats been looking lately? What tips have worked for you? Which tips didn't? We'd love to get some new ideas!


    Quick Recap:

    Clean Up & Reuse:

    • Delete broken pins
    • Fix pin descriptions that are missing
    • Add popular pins to secret board & optimize keywords

    Join & Start Group Boards:

    • Request invites to 5-10 boards
    • Start 2-3 of your own group boards

    Be Consistent:

    • Sign up for Board Booster
    • Create consistent branding on blog post images

    Pay Attention to Keywords:

    • Update image captions with Descriptions & Keywords
    • Update Board Titles to fit common Keywords
    • Update Profile name to match keywords

    Comment & Share Pins from Others:

    • Add RSS feeds to Feedly to pin to secret board for board booster


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