August Income + Stats Report

August report

It's almost September. Guys. That's crazy!

This month has been so incredibly busy, it's a wonder I had time to breathe. Yesterday marked the end of the pre-sales for my Bundles, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased and gave feedback. You are all amazing.

This month I also closed the doors on my Virtual Assistant services and started a new chapter as a Process Designer + Productivity Coach. This means I'm giving up some of my previous client work income in exchange (hopefully) for more passive income with fewer 1-on-1 clients.

This was such a tough decision but one I'm very happy I made. I'll be able to spend more time with my clients and really change their business at the foundation. I'm so excited about these new services! 

Alrighty, enough rambling. Let's get into the income + stat report for August!



Client work: $864.00 (as of 8/18) [-$486]
Bundles and Shop Sales: $18.75 [+$18.75]
Blogher campaigns: $50.00 [+$25]
Youtube Adsense earnings: $23.92 [+$3.98]
Other Income (Etsy, ebates, ads, guest posts): $55.32 [+$50]

TOTAL INCOME: $1011.99 [$391.08 less than July]

Income Breakdown



17Hats: $0 (Free month via Affiliate Program) [-$25]
Squarespace: $10 [No Change]
Google Email: $4.51 [-$0.49]
Buffer (1-year plan): $102 [+102]
Evernote: $5.99 [No Change]
Other (Dragon Dictation Software + LastPass Yearly Subscription): $79.49 (+$79.49)

TOTAL EXPENSES: $201.99 [+$92.43 more than July]

Expense Breakdown




July Audience Overview

August Audience Overview


Facebook: 174 likes [+47]
Twitter: 2701 followers [+50]
Instagram: 480 followers [+24]
Pinterest: 1350 followers [+116]
YouTube: 1513 subscribers [+112]
Bloglovin': 276 followers [+15]
Google+: 26 followers [+8]
Newsletter: 692 subscribers [+252]

September Goals

1. Launch 1 new bundle

I'm planning a couple new bundles and I want to launch a new bundle every month. My goal is to launch one - two every month for 6 months. This way you all will have a library of mini-courses to choose from!

2. Host a workshop

Workshops are like ecourses, but LIVE. I have a workshop planned that will be $10 a seat and I'm super excited to announce it! Keep an eye out for the news later this week ;)

3. Offer guest posting

I have a hard time asking for help - but I need some. I want to be putting out more content that I am right now, but I don't have the time to write more. I want to set up a guest posting program in September so that you all have the chance to guest post and this audience gets more fantastic content.

4. Set up a Periscope page

I love periscoping, but I hate that replays are only 24 hours - I want to set up a page where you all can catch what you missed and get the resources I talked about in the scope.


What are your goals for September? Share them in the comments!