Automate & Streamline Your Social Media Channels

Using a couple fantastic tools, you can pre-schedule your social media and save hours every week. This guide and free resources will help you get started!

When you're blogging or running a business full time, you know social media is important. The hardest part is keeping up with the constant updates, best posting times and creating content for you channels. Keeping an active social brand is tough, but there are ways to make it MUCH easier.

Narrow Your Focus

There's a ton of sites that will tell you to be everywhere. It might seem like a good idea to be on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Etsy, Vimeo, Creative Market, Google +, Bloglovin' and Tumblr - but it's not. 

Yes, you can have accounts on every channel. I know I do, but there's no reason to try to post 5 times on each social media profile every day. If you pick 2-3 channels that you really love and where your audience is most engaged, you will have more time to focus on your content and your channel will grow quicker.

Which channels you focus on will be different depending on your niche. Personally Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are the best referrals for my traffic, so that's where I focus. Just because I spend the most time on those platforms doesn't mean I ignore the rest and that's where automation comes in. First, let's clean up your social media channels.

Optimize + Clean Up Your Channels

Deleting inactive, spammy and fake followers from your account (and from your follow list) makes your channels cleaner and bumps up your rank in Google. If you have 200 followers on twitter that are fake, you can actually be hurting your search results.

Using sites like Unfollowers and Crowdfire can help you quickly remove those followers and quickly unfollow people who don't follow you back or unfollowed you. I also use these apps to follow back people who followed me, something that can be hard to keep up with from within the Instagram or Twitter app.

With Unfollowers you can unfollow people who haven't tweeted in months or even years. Doing this helps clean up your lists and keep the people you really want to see in your feed.

Once your channels are cleaned up, we can start automating.


If This Then That is a free online tool used to automate tasks. You create a free account, then connect your social media, email and other channels to your IFTTT account. Once you've done that, you can create recipes. Recipes are how you automate a specific task. For example, if I wanted my Instagram photos to automatically post to twitter, I can create a recipe to do that for every new photo I upload to Instagram.

IFTTT is great because you can make your own recipes, but you can also use other pre-made recipes if you choose. You can see the recipes I use by clicking HERE

IFTTT works great for posting across different social media platforms or for storing and filing info. One of the tools I use the most is Gmail to Evernote. Any email I archive is added to my Evernote Archive, and because I have Evernote premium I can access all my old emails offline. There are a ton of options for recipes, so jump in a check out the Explore page for some ideas.


Buffer is a super simple way to schedule social media posts ahead of time. You can connect up to 5 accounts for free, or pay $10 a month to connect more. They also have business packages if you work with a team. 

With Buffer you can connect your Twitter, Google Profile, Facebook page, group or profile, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can set up a custom schedule so that Buffer will post at the best times for you, or you can set a post to publish at a specific date and time. There are a lot of other great tools within Buffer, so make a free account and dig around - or watch my Buffer Overview video below:


Zapier is very similar to IFTTT but it offers more connections and "recipes". However you can only run each action a certain number of times per month if you're a free user. If you love IFTTT but need more options or more flexibility, Zapier is a fantastic resource. I'm not super familiar with it, but to give you an idea of what it can do, 

Zapier connects to over 400 apps, you can see their full directory HERE.

Repost + Latergram

Two tools I use all the time are Repost and Latergram for IOS. I use these apps for Kate Maxwell's social media. Latergram allows you to schedule posts for later. You still have to manually post them, but this way you can batch edit, write and schedule posts for later on.

Repost is how I quickly share client photos of the products. I can use their image and repost adds a little credit icon so your followers know who the image is from. 

To give you an idea of how I use these apps together, I made a short video for you.

Editorial Calendar

Having a plan and schedule for posting is extremely important if you want to grow your social media following. Posting consistently and sharing great content is much easier when you have a plan.

I keep track of my blog posts, holidays, sales, announcements, twitter chats and other important days on my calendar. This way when I'm scheduling ahead of time, I know what kind of content I need to create.

The calendar I use is super simple, but it's effective. You can download a copy by clicking the image below:


How do you automate your social media updates?

What tools do you use to save you time?