10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

If you've been feeling lost in your business, or overwhelmed, or confused about your next steps - a business coaching session is a great way to get out of your funk and back into productivity mode. I've worked as a coach for over a year now, and I've received coaching myself. I can tell you from experience, coaching is worth the money if you can invest.

1. A Coach Can Get You On Task

When I started working with my own coach, the first thing she did was help me prioritize and organize my projects. If you run your own business, you probably have the same problem as I do - too many things going on at once. It's easy to think all the projects are equally brilliant and important, but they're not. And your coach will be able to weed out the okay ideas from the great ones so you can focus on the tasks that will truly grow your business.\

If you're finding you have a lack of things to do - your coach will help you make a plan to start some new projects.

2. A Coach Can Motivate You

One of the things I struggle with most is motivating myself to get work done. I'll pitter-patter around on social media, emails and tasks that are just busy work until bed. Your coach will be able to push you can get you excited about your work again.

A great coach will be able to teach you how to motivate yourself so that you when you find yourself in a rut, you can pull yourself out and get excited about business again. 

In some cases, you might just have the wrong kind of motivation and your coach can help you figure out what really makes you work. Maybe you're in the wrong industry or your ideal clients aren't ideal for you - they can help you identify the problem and then form a solution.

3. A Good Coach Will Provide Next Steps

Many coaches provide their clients with homework. This is a good thing. Homework means your coach will lay out everything you talk about in your meeting and convert them into actionable next steps. When searching for a coach - ask if they provide next steps or homework. This is an important part of coaching so that your work doesn't end just because the meeting does.

4. Coaching is an Investment

One of the reasons I waited SO long to get a coach was because of the price. Coaching services range from $50 and hour to $5000 depending on who it is and how specific their specialization is. Keep in mind that although you typically get what you pay for, a newer coach might have services more in your range.

Online businesses are fairly cheap to get running, so budget for one of your expense to include some coaching! I put aside $50 a month for a few months to be able to work with a coach I really admired. Save up and then hire them! Many coaches have blogs or youtube channels - if you like their content on their site, you'll probably like their services too.

Keep in mind that a good coach is an investment and he/she will be able to help you earn more money - more than you pay them for a couple sessions.

5. You'll get an outsider's look at your business

One of the hardest things as a small business owner is that we don't have a board of directors helping us make decisions. A coach can play that role for you. Often times, we get so laser focused on the details that we forget to step back and look at the big picture.

Having someone completely new look into your business can help you find flaws in your business plan or address an issue before it hurts your income. Being honest and transparent with your coach is a huge part of success. Make sure you pick a coach you can trust and who has a solid history of helping people and being honest.

6. Some of your problems have obvious solutions

You'd be suprised how many of my own clients come to me with a problem that has an incredibly obvious solution. Sometimes we focus so hard on a path that we forget to look around us for other options. A business coach can help you step back and make a game plan while looking at a much larger map. 

Choose a business coach who has experience in what your struggling with. Can't keep up with social media? Find a coach who hosts weekly twitter chats and tons of instagram followers. Starting your own business? Pick a coach with a successful business of their own. It's really that simple.

7. Your Coach will be an Expert

No matter which coach you go with - odds are, they started their business before you or grew their social media before you or started a shop before you - which means they probably know a couple tricks that you don't know. Everyone is an expert in something and every coach has some valuable tips to offer. Don't worry if you feel like you should have all your crap together before you get a coach - let them help you become an expert.

8. Your Coach can expand your network

One of the most helpful things my coach ever did for me was to introduce me to other players in my field. I've met 3 clients through her introduction alone. Not to mention some of my favorite business ladies, I meant through my coach. 

Anytime you feel stuck, your coach can help you find a solution, and a lot of the time your solution is another connection! 

9. Coaching helps you earn more money

Like I said before, coaching is an investment. That means your coach will be able to help your income grow. A great coach will be able to help you focus and work on the things that will expand your audience, grow your list, make more sales and hire new clients. When the back-end of your business is organized and well-run, the front-end tends to follow.

10. Coaching makes you a better business owner

Meeting with a coach every week or month not only helps you commit to something long term, but it can make you a better business owner. A coach can help you see the big picture of your business and eliminate the clutter. He/She can help you establish habits that you'll carry through your career. I still use the same method of weekly goals as I learned during coaching and it's made me more energized and focused each week.

So are you ready to find your coach? The best place to start looking is your own network. Check with the people you follow and the businesses you love to see if they offer services. If you need some ideas, I put together a list of some boss ladies doing amazing things with their clients. Check them out below.

And if you want to work with me, you can start here.

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