The Blogging Break

Last week, I did something immensely taboo (at least by my terms). I literally disappeared from the face of the blogging world for more than weeks.

I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed that time away from the blog. And you can too! Blogging breaks may be intimidating, but if done right, they'll be rewarding and even helpful to your blogging experience.

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Why take a break?

If you've been blogging for some time, you'd probably know that it's not always rainbows and sunshine in the blogging world. Sometimes, it feels like that plateau in your traffic will never end or that you've been putting so much hard work and getting no fruition. And that's okay!

I think we shouldn't be embarrassed about our blogging struggles and that occasional lack of passion and interest in our blog. It’s normal, it happens to everyone, and you know what's the best cure? A blogging break.

Blogging breaks help you to disconnect from your blog momentarily and refocus on real life (like your face-to-face relations, school/job, or a personal project). these little (or big!) periods of time away from the blog help you to look at the entire picture, get you out of that fix and back in the mood to write.

Stepping away will also find you craving another post writing session like nothing else will, and give you time to pre-write posts and gain a renewed sense of blog-oriented purpose.

What could go wrong... 

Blogging breaks aren't without flaw, though. to be honest with all, there are a couple of things which can go wrong - for me, I have to say that I got disconnected from my blog during my recent break and sort of lost the momentum to continue writing. (I’m back here, typing this for you now, though!)

And because you'll be posting less often on your blog and social media, it's also likely that you'll see a dip in blog traffic and interactions on your posts. If you have evergreen posts through and good SEO, your posts should stay pretty well-visited. Still, be prepared for the dip.

So... Who are blogging breaks for?? 

With all that in mind, blogging breaks are for, well, any blogger. More specifically:

  • Who feel tired or rote about their blog
  • Who have to attend to other commitments (like school, holidays, etc.)
  • Who have lost their inspiration and need to step back and get a fresh outlook

How to Take a Blogging Break

After all I’ve said, you're probably wondering - yeah, a blogging break does sound rad! But wait, how do I maximise its benefits and reduce the cons?

1. Pre-schedule content

If you don't feel comfortable taking a complete break away from your blog, that's okay! you can still work a little harder before your time away and set your posts to go live on social media and your blog during the time of your break (and of course check back to see how're they are going).

I love Buffer for social media scheduling - it's so insanely simple to use: just top it up with some content before you leave and it'll smoothly post them whenever you like or according to their recommended high-traffic-times. Oh, and Buffer works for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest (if you pay a little!). How good is that??

As for post scheduling, this is where editorial calendars come in real handy! Plan ahead before your blogging break, deciding on which posts (if any) you'll be sharing during your time away from the blog. Start typing them and give yourself plenty of time to draft them and keep them up to standard with your typical content!

I won't lie, this takes a lot of effort and extra time, but it's also so worth it.

2. Tell your readers

After all, they are who you're writing for! It’s always great to inform your readers so they can expect a slight delay in your response to emails and comments, and also drum up some excitement about your break.

It’ll be lots of fun to hold an event like a giveaway or challenge that ends when you get back. That way, your fans will be enjoying themselves and awaiting your return (which psst, is a big motivational factor for you to stay hyped up about returning to the blog).

And if you will be having any little arrangements during your break, like not answering to emails or keeping them updated on social media, mention it! Followers love to stay up to date on what you're up to, so share all the details and make sure they know the set-up of your break.

3. Stay proactive

Just because you're taking a break, doesn't mean your blog doesn't exist. Even while you're stepping back from the computer, take a lil' time to brainstorm for blogging ideas, and inspirations around you. The entire better for getting a new perspective and fresh ideas!

If you feel like it, you can also answer emails, comments or post on social media now and then. Do whatever suits you and your free time during the break. Because blogging breaks are meant to be a breather from your blog, there's no sense in pushing yourself to work hard on it if you don't feel up to the task.

Psst, try keeping a notebook or your phone (use the Reminders app) and you'll find yourself jotting down bright ideas all day long!

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One last word.

When you decide to take a blogging break, remember: it's about you. While I hope you find this post a good, helpful guide (if you did, thanks! oh, and share it, heh), I’m always going to emphasize the importance of doing what you think is right for you.

And if splitting your break time between real life and your blog isn't working for you, or you're still feeling stretched too thin even on your break... then just throw all the above advice out of the window and just trust yourself

Enjoy your blogging break!

xx, roxanne

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