Adding Your Blog to Your Resume

If you're like me and blogging is more than a hobby you might want to consider adding it to your resume. This can be the same for any online shop, YouTube channel, freelancing gigs or part-time work. I work anywhere between 5 and 30 hours a week on blogging, YouTube, and social media. All of these things can look great on a resume if you're applying for a job in Social media, marketing, journalism or really anywhere that will appreciate some advanced internet skills. If you've been working on your blog or website for over 6 months, you should add it to your resume right now.

If you've been working on your blog or website for over 6 months, you should add it to your resume right now. In this post, I'll explain how to do it.

Adding To A Resume

The content of your blog will determine exactly what you add to your resume. Of course you should always adjust your final resume when applying for specific jobs. This is just a basic outline that you can add to or take away from when the right job presents itself.

Here is an example of what my blog looks like on my resume;
How to add your blog or freelance gigs to your linkedin & resume
How to add your blog or freelance gigs to your linkedin & resume
Then  if I were apply for a job in marketing I will add more information such as:
  • Prepared and executed market strategy to expand the blog to 20,000+ followers
  • Developed brand based off market research to reach a predetermined audience
Or if I was applying as a journalist I would add:
  • Created and maintained a strict posting schedule
  • Created original content daily to meet article requirements and goals

You get the idea.  Edit your resume to fit your field, but start with the basics to show that you know your stuff and you worked your butt off to create your blog.

How to list your blog on LinkedIn

Adding your blog to linked in is the same as adding it to your resume. Just focus on the main things you do to keep your blog running. You don't need to list everything - keep it clear and focused. Write in the present tense to show you still work on all those skills daily or regularly.

On LinkedIn you can list all the skills without narrowing them for a specific job. You can list all the marketing work, technical aspects, writing skills and graphic design information. This will help companies see everything you can do and it'll also highlight your wide range of skills.

Ways to mention your blog during interviews

Maybe you don't want to add your blog to your resume. Or maybe you haven't had it long enough to add it and feel like it is a finished project. Either way, you can still mention your blog or website during an interview. Interviewers will ask you what kind of skills you have, how you handle situations with other people and what kind of work ethic you have. You can tie all of those into your blog. Below are some examples of common interview questions along with some answers you can use.

 Describe a time when you had to meet a tight deadline for a tough project.

I have deadlines I need to meet on a regular basis. As a blogger and website owner there are always projects that need to be finished and tasks to be done. Owning a blog has helped me manage my time and meet deadlines without much trouble. It has also taught me how to pace myself and how to strive for my absolute best - even if I am not always passionate about the work. There are hard parts to every job but staying motivated is something I think I do very well.

What can you bring to this company?

I will bring my experience and motivation. I love a challenge and I love finding new ways to do something. I can help you (job description stuff goes here) and my experience as a blogger will help me apply my dedication to this company.

Interviews are tough, practicing for them, praying before the meeting and feeling confident are all helpful. Just remember that you worked hard on your blog/website. Use it to your advantage while job hunting!

Any other tips for adding your blog to a resume? Have you used your blog to get a job before?