Behind the Scenes

Meet Nora Conrad and take a look at her office, favorite blogs and client process.

Sometimes we just need a break. This week was one of those weeks. I've been working with clients all week, and although it's a blessing, it's also very time-consuming and I didn't have the time to write the blog post I was planning.

Today I'm going to show you a little behind the scenes of my life and what I do because I realized, most of you don't know me very well.


Ten Facts About Nora

  1. I'm a full-time student studying business marketing at MSU Denver. 
  2. I work full time at a fulfillment company my 2nd cousin owns. I'm an account manager, which is why I know so much about fulfillment and e-commerce.
  3. I started in May of 2015, but I've been blogging for over 5 years on
  4. I live with my fiancΓ©, German shepherd puppy, and kitten in the cutest little apartment. We spend our free time binge watching Netflix and playing Just Dance.
  5. I have two younger sisters who are my best friends, we spend as much time together as possible. I just hired my youngest sister, Katherine, to be my social media manager.
  6. I'm a movie and TV snob. I rarely watch a movie if it got below 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Lost, True Detective, Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black are my fav. Yes, I've rewatched Lost a few times...
  7. I'm impatient. It's something I've been working on, but if you give me a project (even if it's carving Halloween pumpkins) I will do it as quick as possible. Same with building Ikea furniture.
  8. I have a hard time making friends. It's not that I'm mean or hateful - I just hate texting. Why do friends have to talk? It's so much work. Luckily my best friend is the same way, we literally go weeks without texting, but it works for us. I don't like chit-chat, I love big memories. 
  9. I hate the color yellow. It's an awful color. I'm sorry, it just is.
  10. October is the best. Fall, my birthday, Halloween and cider - It's classic white girl, but I don't care. If it could be autumn 11 months of the year, I'd love it. 

What's on my desk

  1. The Emily Ley Simplified Planner - I would die without these. Okay, not DIE, but I'd forget all my appointments. I have 2, one for personal life & school, and one for the site and all things Norbly Media. You can buy one HERE.
  2. My laptop - I LOVE IT. It's an Asus Touchscreen, you can find it HERE.
  3. Client Files - I keep all the paperwork on my clients right on my desk. I use 17Hats, but I like writing notes on paper. I also keep copies of all contracts and invoices. I use a file hanger from Target, you can buy one HERE.
  4. My Bible - I use the Holman Study Bible (NKJV). I covered my cover with some floral fabric because it started to tear from the seams. Buy it HERE.
  5. Washi tape - I use it to color code client files, days in my planner and decorate my Bible. I buy it from Office Max, Target, and Amazon.

Here's a little tour of my home office


Who I Keep Up With

I love reading blogs, but I don't have a ton of time to do it. These 10 ladies are the ones I keep up with the most:

  1. Femtrepreneur - Mariah is a master at email list building, and she hosts awesome webinars.
  2. Kaylee White - She's blogging at Bright Colors Happy Things, but she's working on a huge project right now. She's one of my good friends, I keep up with her every day.
  3. It's Pink Pot - Chaitra is amazing, she's been a huge support and we're working on starting a Mastermind Group. Her site is filled with awesome tutorials.
  4. The Kardia - Brittany has been a good friend for about a year. Her blog is so uplifting and encouraging. She's just an amazing lady.
  5. She Reads Truth - a daily devotional blog for women. Their site (and app) has helped me grow spiritually and meet some amazing people. I can't get enough of their study guides either.
  6. Elle & Company - Every blog post by Lauren is incredibly helpful. She convinced me to switched to SS and start offering services along with ebooks. I love her site and her Instagram.
  7. ByRegina - Talk about motivating, Regina makes you feel like you can take on the world. I use her resources to plan my business and make improvements. She's incredible. 
  8. XO Sarah - Her bold site design will draw you in right away. Sarah has the best posts about business and getting started. She's also always posting tips on twitter, so be sure to follow her there. I'm also dying to join her Badass Blog Babes club, I'll be saving pennies.
  9. Nesha Designs - Nesha has amazing tips and advice for blogs and sites. She also has an amazing group (and FB group) called the Shelancers, which you can join for $10 a month.
  10. Savvy Business Owners - This isn't a blog, but a Facebook group, and I LOVE IT. There are some incredible people here, it's worth joining just for the support!

How I stay Organized

I stay very busy because I work best like that. Keeping a strict schedule is the only way to get everything done. I use my planners to stay organized but I wanted to make a quick video explaining my schedule and the tools I use.


Want more behind the scenes?

Join us on Friday, July 24th for a free webinar! (I'm not selling anything at the end) 

I'll be answering questions, taking you through my client process and talking about how I grew my business while working and going to school. The webinar will be at 4 pm MST (click here for a time converter).

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