5 Tell All Signs Your Business Needs A Rescue

It’s okay to admit it. I am confident every business owner has experienced a rescue one time or another. And that is okay. What’s not okay, is going about your business day knowing your business is suffering, in pain and having a hard time keeping its head above water. Ignoring the loud call for help is not the solution and will result in… I dare not say it. Failure! *gasps*

Oh, so you want to be certain your business doesn’t need a rescue? Let’s do it! Here’s the 5 Tell All Signs Your Business Needs A Rescue!

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You may think, who is this women telling me my business is sinking and ignoring the problem will not work? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Caressa and once upon a time my business was in need of several rescues and it ultimately cost me a business that I loved. So I know a thing or two about the signs of a business in need of a rescue and I want to make sure you don’t make the mistakes I made. Capish?

Secret: I saved the last 2 super amazing tips in the video at the end of this post. You really don’t want to miss it!


1. You Are A One Pony Show

 No one likes a show with only one pony. Is that even a show? Seriously, if you are handling the customers, accounting, social media, marketing, content writing, pitching, collaborating and all the other 1,792 task an entrepreneur has, then you are drowning. You will not successfully manage everything all the time. As one aspect of your business is above water, the other is drowning because, there is no system or person in place to keep it afloat.

So, you want to keep it a family business, or work as a solopreneur. Guess what? You can! Your business will still be in fact your business- unless of course you don’t seek out these rescues, Nora explains in great detail some processes to get yourself streamlined.

I get it. This is your business and you call the shots and you want to keep it that way.No problem. But what business will you have if you sunk it?

Let’s figure out how we can take the burden off of you. Start with simple task. What do you do on a regular basis that can easily be handed over to someone else? Better yet, what do you do that you strongly dislike doing? Then think of all the things you love to do and wouldn’t want to trade for the world.

Pro Tip: If you are constantly working inside your business and, neglect to work outside your business, then you are failing your business.


2. Your books are jacked up!

Listen, there are a ba-zillion things you can invest into for your business, and one of them should most definitely be accounting. You may be great at keeping track of your expenses, income, accounts receivables, draws, savings, etc but, how much time is this taking you away from working on your business?

How much time do you have to put aside weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to organize your books and prepare yourself for tax season? Think about it. The amount of time to organize, prep, and tackle your books, can very well be used to expand, refresh and explore greater business opportunities.

Focus on your expertise, writing content, engaging with clients, networking, and creating valuable services and products while your accountant, bookkeeper, and tax specialist focus on their expertise. Your business cannot grow and move without you, if your hands are always in the mix. Let go, and watch it grow!

*Pro Tip: Hire out what you don’t know, to create the business that you want people to know. 


3. Waiting For A Rescue

If you are waiting for someone to come to sweep your business off of its feet in hopes of a miracle rescue to solve all your problems, then you are only waiting for failure. See, we are used to our 9-5 job where we had assistants, co-workers, an administration department, HR department and supervisor to make sure everything ran seamlessly throughout the day. If there was a hiccup, it wasn’t nothing to worry about because, there is always someone there for the rescue.

For us, solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs all we have are ourselves or the small teams in place. Which mean, you have to be prepared to rescue your business if it is going under. You can’t wait until something happens to finally decide to step in. What if you are a minute too late? You can’t wait on your team to deep dive to save your business. Do you think they have the same intentions, motivations and drive to bring your business back to the surface? Probably not. And it is not for them to handle.

Since you are the head honcho, when something goes wrong you are the only one to blame. You can’t blame your assistant, accountant, or social media manager. No one sees them. On top of that, no one cares because you are the face of your brand. You are who everyone sees. So if you miss your flight to speak at a conference because, your assistant chose the wrong dates while booking the flights, guess who everyone will point the finger to? Guess who you should point your finger at? You! Let’s be proactive and initiate the rescue before one is needed.

Ready for the last two tell all signs your business needs a rescue? Check out the video below and grab the action-sheets to get focused, set goals and create the plan towards a failure proof business!

Mentioned in the video: mayaelious.combyregina.com & minimalistbaker.com





Caressa is a consultant leading motivated entrepreneurs to build a failure-proof business, an aspiring author and an unconventional mommy to a sweet 1-year old boy.

You can often find her in Houston enjoying Dallas Cowboys football and giving away all of her business golds, of successes, failures and everything in between at CaressaLenae.com.