My Streamlined Client Process

When I first started working with clients, it was a mess. We were emailing hundreds of messages back and forth, scanning contracts, searching for old info and attaching images to messages. It was impossible to find what I needed. Thankfully, I've begun using a system that streamlines my process, saves me headaches and makes my client's lives simpler.

How to simplify your client process using online tools. Less emails = less stress. Trust me on this one. Use 17Hats and Streak CRM to streamline your process.

The Process

Keep in mind that these tools can be used by everyone! You don't have to be a VA or Squarespace designer to use this system. If you have clients or services, you can use all these tools to simplify your process.

Streak CRM

Add Streak CRM to your gmail by visiting their site here. I talked about Streak a bit more in my Gmail for Business post, which you can read here if you missed it.


For this step, I didn't make a video because a few weeks back I wrote an entire guide on 17Hat and how I use their system. You can read that here if you missed it :)



For more Asana Tutorials, check out my Asana Playlist on Youtube! You can also read my full Asana guide here.


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