Getting Your Faith On Track (Faithful 4)

Feeling like you haven't been on the right track with your faith? Here's some ideas to motivate you and put God back into your daily life.

It's a new year, what better time to re-evaluate your relationship with God?

1. Figure Out Where You're At

Whether you are just beginning to develop a relationship with God, or He's been in your life for decades, there is always room to improve that relationship. Figure out where you are spiritually.

What can you be improving on?

  • Reading your bible more?
  • Praying more?
  • Donating more?
  • Going to church more?

Figure out your goal for this year. Pick one or pick 40, it doesn't matter. Be very honest with yourself. Prayerfully ask God where you can improve.

My personal goals:

  1. Do a Bible Study everyday
  2. Tithe 10% of my income from every month.
  3. Share God, both online and in everyday life.

2. Make a Plan to get on Track

Goals are great, but to reach them, we have to make a plan.

If your goal is a daily one (like doing a bible study daily), set reminders for yourself. I have an alarm on my phone for 8pm every week night, no matter what I'm doing, I stop and work on my bible study. 9am for weekends. Leave your bible open by your coffee machine, or by the TV remotes.

If you have a weekly or monthly goal (like going to church or tithing), tell others about your plan. Get a friend to keep you accountable. Go to church with friends so you will depend on each other to go. Set up an automatic payment to your church for monthly tithing. Write it on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone.

Other goals, like praying more often or being kind to others, anything that you want to do but it takes the right opportunity are goals you have to keep on your mind. I have a phone background on my lock screen that says "Share God". Every time I look at my phone, I remember.

3. Stick to Your Goals

Do something small to keep the goal in your head through the day. Use sticky notes, your desktop wallpaper, an alarm, anything to keep your mind in the right place.

There will be times when you fall away from your plans and goals, and that's okay! The important part is always getting back on track. Build a support system with the people around you. Make sure you have someone who will keep you accountable.

There were times last year when I completely skipped tithing. Money was tight and I used it for other things, those were the months I found the most difficult financially. Even months when I thought I wouldn't have enough, it always worked out as long as I tithed no matter what.

Look for God in all things. If you're feeling beat or like you can't keep up, pray! Ask for guidance. Ask for help. Trust that God will steer you in the right direction as long as you keep moving.

4. Re-evaluate

My personal goals happen to be things that I can continue to improve on - they are things I will be doing every month or day. Maybe you set a goal with a deadline (ie. read the bible in 100 days, pray for 30 days straight, invite a friend to church). If that's the case you need new goals! Start at the beginning and do it all again.

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your goals, or you continuously fail to meet them, re-evaluate. Maybe your goal was to pray and read the bible an hour each day. Move it to 20 minutes. Adjust your goals to be difficult but within reach. Find what drives you most and use it to your advantage.