July Stats & Income Report

This blog post is going to be a bit different than usual… this weekend I stupidly climbed a fence for shortcut to our car and cut my hand on the top. I ended up needing seven stitches and a tetanus shot.

It's actually not too bad, but typing is going to be a bit difficult for the rest of the week so I wasn't able to write out a normal blog post as I was planning. However, I decided to take this chance to do my first ever income and stats report for the month of July.


This month has been absolutely incredible. I've worked with more clients this month than ever before and I've made an actual income from it. Keep in mind that although this is my first income report this is not the first month I've earned money from clients.

This kind of growth and money does not happen overnight, this is years in the making. I feel like this is really important for all new bloggers and new business owners to understand. Some people get very lucky and they can see these numbers after a few months of work, but for me this is about a year of work and dedication to get to this level of income.

Please keep in mind that I do have a full-time job and go to school part-time. Working on this site and with clients is PART TIME. 

*UPDATE AS OF JULY 31ST: I officially hit $1000 in net income for this month! I am so thankful to all my clients and friends who have made this happen. I never thought I could make a part-time job out of a blog*


Client work: $1,350.00
Blogher campaigns: $25.00
Youtube Adsense earnings: $19.94
Other Income (Etsy, ebates, ads, guest posts): $5.32

Total Income: $1,400.26

Income Breakdown


17Hats: $25
Subscriptions: $12
Squarespace: $10
Google Email: $5
Buffer: $10
Evernote: $5.99
Etsy + Stripe Fees: $41.57

Total Expenses: $109.56

Expense Breakdown

Net Income for July - $1290.70

Sadly I didn't keep track of my follower stats in the past, sooo, next month I'll have how many followers I grew next to the stats but for now I'm just going to give you my total followers for each social media channel.

Followers as of July 26th 2015:

Facebook: 127 likes
Twitter: 2651 followers
Instagram: 456 followers
Pinterest: 1234 followers
YouTube: 1401 subscribers
Bloglovin': 261 followers
Google+: 18 followers
Newsletter: 440 subscribers

I just started a new project, every email newsletter subscriber gets invited to our slack channel! This way y'all can have a community of some amazing women and men who also own businesses and blogs.

The idea is to help connect all of you so we can support each other, answer each other's questions, and even find clients within the group. I'm not sure how long I'm going to have this slack channel open to join so if you're interested, definitely sign up today so you have the chance before we get too large.

I do want to cut off that number at some point I haven't quite decided when, so there may not be a chance to join later on. For everyone has already joined and has entered the slack channel, thank you so much! You all seem like amazing people and I'm so excited to get to know you better.