Let my Life Song Sing

I never planned to serve God in my work… I also never planned not to serve God in my work. It just so happens that I was called to a career that demonstrates + stands on Biblical values. I kind of stumbled into Social Work, but looking back over my life… I’m certain I was created to do exactly what I’m doing now.

During the day, I work as a School Therapist in a Therapeutic Day School for students who have been removed from their home school for aggressive behaviors. Many of these students have severe emotional/behavioral disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder + Schizophrenia.

In the evening (and some weekends) I own a small private practice in St. Charles, IL. I serve angry/aggressive teens, young adults in transition + frustrated parents. I offer individual counseling/therapy, various therapy groups + workshops in person. For my online subscribers, I create worksheets, workbooks + awesome online workshops centered on positive relationship building. I also have an exclusive Facebook community for my Tribe members.


I like to call my subscribers Tribe Members, because my goal is to inspire a tribe of people dedicated to establishing + maintaining positive, healthy relationships. Relationships are the essence of life! Whether this is a relationship with your child’s teacher, your auto mechanic or your hairdresser - it matters! More importantly, how we nurture these relationships matters!

When I established my business, I debated for a long time whether I would identify the practice as a Christian entity or simply live-out Christian principles. In the end I chose to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Because the moment you name the name Jesus, some people (a lot of people unfortunately) want to run away.

I believe this is because we are too caught up saying we’re Christians instead of living like Christians. I chose to live out the Gospel, because I tend to go for “shock value” in life. If I live like Christ instructed us to live, people should see the light of Christ in me + want to know what it is that’s so different. When this happens, I feel like I have achieved my goal, because some are shocked when they find out I’m a Christian.

They know where Christianity stands as a whole on certain topics + are surprised that I didn’t beat them over the head with the Gospel. In the Bible verses John 15:19 + John 17:14, we are told to live in this world without being of the world.

What exactly does this mean? It’s popular to say you’re a Christian, but it’s not popular to live like a Christian. It’s ok to say you love God + go to church, but it’s not popular to get cursed out + remain silent. It’s not popular to walk away from a fight. It’s not popular to be honest on your taxes.

It’s not popular to say your family doesn’t watch R rated movies. It’s not popular to say you don’t support various political beliefs. Starting to catch my drift? Living for God requires a different lifestyle. Jesus was all about relationship-building. He demonstrated His love for people while they were in their vulnerable + broken state of mind. He loved them through their pain. He loved them despite the fact that He disagreed with their life choices.

This is one of the most crucial elements of Christianity I believe we miss in today’s society, which is why people get turned off when you say you’re a Christian.

The most important part of my job + the focus of my practice is living like Jesus. I named my practice From The Heart Counseling, because helping people sort through broken phases of their relationships has to come from the heart!

If your heart isn’t in your work, you will hate your job! I love the quote “Choose a job you love + you will never have to work a day in your life.” I love it, because it calls for honesty! We have to be honest with ourselves about what we love + ask God how He can use that gift.

Growing up, my sisters both had hobbies/side hustles that made them additional income. I remember for years wishing I had a talent that I enjoyed that would bring me income. I grew up babysitting, but never saw this as a gift.

I grew up advocating (I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time) for my friends when I felt they were being treated unfairly. Again, I never thought this was a gift. I grew up listening to friends for hours talk to me about different things going on in their lives, but never thought there was a line of work that would allow me to do this for income.

However, these were the things I loved...gifts God had placed within me + I had no clue how He planned to use them.

I am amazed at the feedback I get from clients + colleagues about my connection to the youth I work with. I give all that credit to God Himself! I truly believe I have a knack for connecting with people, because God allows me to understand their pain...to hold that space with them as they walk their journey of healing...to allow them to feel vulnerable yet love them through the ugly parts of their journey.

One of the most difficult, yet beautiful phases of relationships is to walk through the trenches with someone. A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but I will give you an example of what I mean…

Picture an army movie. The trenches is a dug-out where you wait until it’s safe to continue your journey or you wait to be rescued. It stinks in the trenches. The trenches are not nicely decorated. No one wants to be in the trenches. However, the trenches is where transformation happens.

It’s where you learn what you’re made of. It’s where you get to know your teammates. It’s where your life changes! You need people as you wait in the trenches. You need people to inspire you to keep pushing...to hold on just a little bit longer...to help you believe your life will not end in the trenches.

Broken relationships are the ones that may have gotten stuck in the trenches + God calls us - Christians - to help move beyond the trenches! We help people move beyond the trenches by showing the love of God in all we do. I titled this blog ‘Let My Life Song Sing’ because it embodies the legacy I desire to leave for those around me. A life of service to others no matter how small the task is. If you’ve never heard it, I would encourage you to follow the link + listen to the song.

When I stumbled across Nora’s blog, I was thrilled because she shares some awesome resources. However I was ecstatic when I found out she was a Christian + incorporated posts about her faith! Her life song sings through her work + she is an inspiration to so many people!

Just check the comments on her posts if you don’t believe me (ha ha)! It is a genuine pleasure to meet people who are like-minded in serving God + demonstrating the love of God! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share my testimony! As my gift to you, I would like to invite you to become a member of the official FTHC Tribe Lounge!

In December 2015, I hosted a Relationship series + giveaway on my website. While the giveaway is over, the relationship series remains posted on the site. If you are as passionate about positive, healthy relationships as I am, I would encourage you to check it out! 

There was such a positive response from my Tribe members about how they wanted to dig deeper after following the series that I decided to create a workbook to go along with the series.

This workbook is now available. As a bonus, I would like to offer you 10% off using the code ‘nconradrocks’ of this workbook.

By Seida Hood

I would love to hear from you about you reflect God in your business! Feel free to comment below, visit the FTHC Tribe Lounge or shoot me an email at: shood@ftheartcounseling.com.

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