After You Move: The Budget

You've moved out and you're finally free! Until those bills start rolling in. Your old budget is no longer any help. Here's a step by step guide to making a new budget that will work for you, along with free resources and tips!

A few months ago I explained how I make a budget and what I use to organize my personal finances. Now that I have more expenses I wanted to update these tips for anyone who recently moved. You moved in, you're unpacked and now the bills are coming in. You need a plan and if you've never had bills to pay you might want a little guidance...

Wave Accounting here

If you would like to use the same spreadsheet I use, you can find it in my Etsy shop. Just click here.

End of the July Series

The apartment series is officially over. I appreciate all the support from everyone who helped me get this series set up. I will still be posting about apartments and moving out but not on a set schedule. If you want more information on moving you can always email me. 

photo credit: Christaface via photopincc edit by steph