Resolutions are for the birds

Everyone spends the month prior to the New Year talking about Resolutions. I wanna be skinny. I want a raise. I want a new car. But does anyone follow through with them? Exactly. How many times have you set a Resolution only to lose site of your goal about, I don't know, half-way through January?

People are all in, for the first few weeks, then something happens. We either get lazy, complacent, or something happens that really knocks us off our resolution bandwagon. I know we have all done it. Make a resolution for working less hours and spending more time on yourself or your family, and then, BAM! Something happens that makes it virtually impossible to follow through. But not this year.

This year we are going to make monthly goals and stick to them. We are not going to fail because the meaning of failure is to not even try. We are not going to get discouraged, and complacent. Most importantly we are not going to overwhelm ourselves with resolutions that are too far fetched and hard to reach anyways. 

So what is it about the dreaded Resolution that drives us to insane measures only to fall flat?

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The Big Bad Resolution

But what is it about resolutions that make us run and hide? Why is it so difficult to keep a resolution? What can be done to fix this problem? In order to move forward in 2016, we must change our mindset. All of these are valid questions, and some of them I have the answer for, others are just those questions we will never know the answer to but always puzzles us.

The main feeling we get about resolutions is that they are simply too hard and demanding, we loss traction fast and our momentum is out the window as soon as we feel that one of our resolutions is failing. But not this year, failing is not an option. 

     We do not fail, we simply learn lessons...

What is a Resolution for Anyways?

Resolutions are designed to help us grow as people. They provide a year-long goal that will help make this year even more amazing than last years. Even though resolutions are considered to be a New Years tradition, why not make it a Monthly Goal and make all new traditions that will not only get us to the end result, the Resolution, but also give us the confidence to believe we can accomplish our resolutions/goals this year.

Every year we build our resolution out of past New Years Resolution fails. Resolutions that never made it past January and goals that where not completed by the end of the year. But this is not the way to go. With it being a New Year it should be a new resolution that is not tainted by the previous years resolution blunders. With most people, their resolution every year is, to work less, exercise more, and spend less money on things we don't need. Some of us even dream of meeting that one true love. As if!!

Unfortunately, we don't always follow through with these resolutions and in most instances we feel deflated well before the year even gets started good. Without making each new year as it's own year, with it's own challenges, we are setting ourselves up for failure, again. We fail because we have already tried to set that resolution and it did not work out, obviously. So what can be done about the dreaded Resolution energy drain? By setting bite-size monthly goals with clear defined actions, and successful planning rituals.

How I am accomplishing this is quiet simple.

How am I changing My Year?

This year I'm doing something totally different. I'm setting monthly goals for each month. Each goal is going to have a core value such as business, health, creativity, and such. This way I have small bite size goals all geared towards making my 2016 amazing.  With monthly goals set and my accountability group, I plan on utilizing 2016 as much as I can. I have ordered a super adorbs Monthly Goals Planner through Me and My Big Idea, and I'm using several of the small spiral bound folders from Targets One Dollar section with paper inserts, calendar inserts, and dividers. Love me some Target.

Just like our amazing hostess, Nora,  I'm a huge pen and paper type of gal. I carry several notebooks with me and have two calendars that I work with on a daily, on top of my binder for daily to do's to stay hyper-focused on my biz and my journal that I use to keep track of what I am accomplishing in 2016. But one of my favorite apps that I can carry with me, without having the extra weight in my bag, when leaving my personal WiFi is Evernote, the most interesting app so far, other than 17hats and I have not gained a complete knowledge on 17hats since I just signed up. Definitely will be signing up for Nora's 17hats course this year... shameless plug, wink, wink, Nora. *From Nora- thanks girl ;)*

Even though I'm using Evernote, online and on my phone,  for scheduling and workflow, I still like to see everything in print, my print. Sometimes it's like a great book, one that you absolutely must have in your hands instead of on the tablet.

My favorite thing about scheduling my Monthly Goals is that not only am I getting to make 2016 my bi*&^ with my hardcore productivity, but I'm basking in the super awesome stationary, folders, sticky's, and so much more through Target and other fun sources (Etsy, Target and Michaels craft store are my go to's . There is an entire community of planner-girls and organizer-girls with like-minded attitudes toward goals and planning your life, on Instagram and FB. I think this is amazing for all those millennial's just coming into their own, with a business.

Each week I'm sitting down first thing and checking all my schedules, my planners, and my notebooks. This helps me stay on task with my To-Do's that will keep me focused on moving forward. Another thing I am working on is my 12 week year plan. What this means is that every 12 weeks I set a new set of three main goals that are stepping stones to my one big main goal that I wish to have accomplished by the end of 2016. Each 12 week session is like a mini year rolled into three goals, and weekly accountability. I designed a Vision Board for my first 12 weeks worth of goals. (Insert Image here)

With my journal notebook, my work-flow notebook, my Evernote, and my two planners I feel that this year will be the best yet. What better way to start off the year than with a feature guest post on Nora Conrad... Amazing blogger that she is gave me my own little piece of her creative collective to spread my goals about 2016 and organization tips and tricks and for that I'm already feeling super accomplished this 2016.

The Challenge, if you choose to take it!!!

I challenge you to join the Monthly Goals Planning email course. It's totally free and will not only strengthen your ability to accomplish goals, but will also help you to be accountable for your actions throughout the year. Along with the email course, their is a super-duper SLACK group page that will have all types of resources, including but not limited to the accountability partners channel. With the addition of all my news worthy updates, you will be able to find other like-minded goal setting bad-arse millennial's to converse with and prepare for a remarkable 2016.

Every person is working on something different, that is why having an accountability partner is super important for 2016. With an accountability partner you will not only have your schedules, your journals, your workflow, and your vision board, but you will have awesome millennial business accountability partners to help push you to your end goal.

What is your main goal for January? How can you accomplish this goal? What steps can you take to make 2016 #amaze-balls? Click the little twitter bird and tweet out your main goal for January and how you plan to accomplish it.  

The time is now!

With so many things going on in our day to day, we sometimes lose site of those ever so important goals, or Resolutions, that will not only increase our confidence in ourselves, but bring us that much closer to ending 2016 with a big bang.  Now is the time to take that first step. 

If you would like to hear how I am preparing to accomplish my 2016 Monthly Goals this year then check out my Monthly Goals Planner and download the super awesome planner sheets that can be printed and used in your DIY planner book. Each Monthly Planner is going to be set for A3 size printing, this is perfect for those medium spiral bounds. 

By Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn is the creative genius behind JessLynn Creative. She has been in the online business community since 2008 when she started as a lifestyle blogger at Punk Rock Momma. Since then she has moved on to website design, copy-writing, she has authored two books, one self-help and one children's story and is now starting her very own Creative Brand Strategy business with a focus on accountability, organization, and productivity throughout the year. With her crazy ZOO of four kids, three dogs, recently added 6 puppies, two kittens, and two bearded dragons, she finds time to put her thoughts down on paper, and help others build their brand in a creative and often out of the box way. Her designs are fresh and clean with a touch of whimsy sprinkled on top. Join her Slack Community or her Facebook group for Branded and Badass Creatives

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