Why Time Management isn't about Time

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things?

  • All I need is more time
  • As long as I stay busy I must be productive
  • If I could just multitask more
  • I can do it all with sheer will power

It’s so easy for us to look at our stress, our never ending to-do list, and think that having more time is the answer that will solve all our problems. 

Not to mention all the time traps we face every day. These include multi-tasking, procrastination, and scheduling just to name a few. I share more about these time traps, why they are so dangerous, and how you can avoid them in this video. 

Can I share a secret?

Time Management isn’t actually about time. 

Rather, it’s about two other things: 
1.    Priority management
2.    Self-management 

Here’s the thing about priority. So many of us think we can do it all, keep everyone happy, that everything is equal, or that trying harder is the answer. Believing those things, and living life that way will only lead to exhaustion and overwhelm.  

When it comes down to our priorities, we have to be ruthless. It’s about seeing past deadlines, and urgent things, to what is truly the most important. Defining the tasks and activities that are going to help us make the most progress towards the things that matter, is how we prioritize. 

The second piece of the puzzle is self-management. This is where energy, will power, habits, and focus come in. 


Do you know your energy cycles? How much energy is required for various tasks that you accomplish every day? Many times we are more affected by the energy something uses or replenishes, than by how long that specific task takes. 

Will power

This is a limited resource, and we only have so much to use each day. Spend yours wisely on big decisions, creative brainstorming, and developing habits. 


It is proven that creating habits makes life faster and easier. Creating new habits not only allows you to systematize your personal and professional life, but it is also the foundation for any growth. 


Learning how to create an environment where you can focus, turn off distractions, and get into the zone is so important. The more focused you can become, the more productive you will be. 

So, the next time you are tempted to say “I don’t have time”, pause, reflect, and then replace that phrase with this one: “It is not a priority”. Create a habit of constantly adjusting your priorities, and focusing your attention on what is most important. 

You’ll get more done in less time, be in control of your schedule, and start making the important things happen. 

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What time trap do you battle the most? 

By Kathryn Hofer

Kathryn Hofer is passionate about helping others live a quality life. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects, and running a non-profit, she has focused her attention on educating others about the value of planning.
When she’s not planning or singing, you can find her curled up with a good book, a cup of tea and dark chocolate. Kathryn lives in Kitchener, Canada with her husband. They love traveling and eating delicious food.

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