3 Tools I Swore By and Why I Stopped Using Them

Buffer, ConvertKit, and Wave Accounting - I use to recommend these to everyone I ran into. But, now I don't use them at all anymore. I still think they are incredible tools and I'd still happily recommend all of them, however, I found tools I like better and work best in my systems.

Alright - this is a bit different than our typical blog posts. Here's the thing - the tools I recommend, I recommend fully and confidently. I never ask someone to sign up for a tool I don't use and love and trust for my own business. So, when I stop using tools I used to rave about, I think you deserve to know why and hear it from the horses mouth. SO, these videos were filmed all at once, live, with no script or edits. This is me being real with you all about how our businesses change and why it can be a good thing.


01. Buffer

Buffer Resources

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Automate Your Social Strategy (eCourse)

Buffer Playlist (YouTube Videos)

CoSchedule Resources

The Ultimate Content Guide (PROBlog Post)

A Complete Guide to CoSchedule (Blog Post)

CoSchedule Playlist (YouTube Videos)


02. ConvertKit

Newsletter Resources

The Ultimate Newsletter Guide (Blog Post)

Newsletter Bundle (ecourse)

Mailchimp Playlist (YouTube Videos)

Convertkit vs. Mailchimp (Blog Post)


03. WaveAccounting