Transform Your Relationships Through God (Faithful 5)

Transforming Your Relationships Through God - how to grow closer in your faith and develop a personal relationship with God.

Radical Transformation

I think it was summer of 2012, our community church ran a series called "Radical Transformation". It was all about taking your next steps towards Jesus in radical and epic ways. Almost two years later that series still drives me in my spiritual life to never be afraid to take huge steps toward God.

One of the things I have trouble with is relationships. I've always been the kind of person to have a few close friends and that's it. From middle school to high school I stuck with the same group. In college I branches out, but once I moved, I lost all contact with those friends.

I have a hard time branching out and staying that way. I forget names and lose contact with great people. It's something I'm really working on this year. I also have a hard time just calling up friends to chat. This problem is the reason for this last post in the faithful series. I realize the thing I've been missing in all of this, is pursuing relationships through God.

What does that mean?

I pray for my family and friends. I pray for things they are struggling with and I pray for their health. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever prayed for a relationship with a friend to grow stronger.

The greatest and strongest relationship I've had is with God, and through Him I've developed a stronger relationship with my family and fiancee. Through Him I need to develop my friendships if I want them to continue.

How do I do this?

1. Praying for my relationships to grow and develop into a stronger friendship.

2. Finding new friends with similar beliefs as me.

I've already started this year with some amazing girls I've met through blogging and I'm hoping to continue to build those relationships and meet more people. (Hint, hint, comment below so we can be friends!)

3. Introduce my current friends to God and teach them about what He has done in my life.

4. Focusing less on me and more on strengthening my current relationships.

5. Prayerfully trusting God to lead me to new people.

How you can do this.

  • Step out of your comfort zone. Introduce yourself to people you've never spoken to. Join community groups in your area or even online.
  • Pray, pray, and pray. Ask God for meaningful relationships with new people and ask for strengthened relationships with current friends.
  • Volunteer at your church. Meet the people who have similar beliefs as you and talk to them!
  • Call old friends, catch up with people, write letters, send emails. Connect with the people in your life.
  • Support others, do nice things for them, pray for them. Be the kind of friend you would want to have.