Welcome Back!

This last month has been crazy! A lot has changed in my personal life and I felt like I needed a bit of a refresh in my business to match. You might have noticed my site was "under construction" for most of August, but today it's officially reopened (and I have lots to share with you all).

1. New Branding

For the longest time, I had the same black logo with my name and that was about the extent of my graphic branding. I stuck to a general color scheme but I never really worked it all out and made it official. So, I present the official branding as of September 2016 :)

The basics didn't change much, but I did update the logo with a copper color and changed all my fonts and colors to be consistent. It's a great feeling to finally have a solid brand laid out.

You'll see these changes being rolled over to ConradU and my social media over the next week as well. 


2. New Coaching Program

When I first started offering my services as a coach I had a tough time getting new clients, but after a couple months, I've had too many requests and had to turn down a lot of people lately. I love working with people but with school and work, I just don't have enough time in my schedule. That's why I'm launching a self-paced coaching option for clients who have busy schedules too.

This coaching program will be a guided workbook that I ship you (yay snail mail) and you can work through my program on your own time. You'll still get access to me via Slack for weekly updates and to ask me questions, this way you get the experience and save a little money.

The workbook is a work in progress, and I'm currently looking for a couple beta testers to get a discounted offer, the workbook, and coaching. If you're interested please shoot me an email at hello@noraconrad.com

My goal is to have the workbook ready to go by November.

3. New Workbooks and Products

You might not even know this - but I have a shop! I sell a couple products on both Etsy and this site, but I haven't updated them in a long time. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be re-building my products with cleaner designs and more goodies. Some of the prices will change a bit, but nothing dramatic. I also have lots of plans for new products to help y'all work better with clients and organize your business.

If you've been searching high and low for something to help you out, let me know! I'd love to get some requests for what you need to see. I'll even give you a discount code for my shop if I end up using your product idea!

4. ConradPro

ConradPRO is an exclusive membership section of NoraConrad. You'll have access exclusive content that is for serious business owners and bloggers. You'll also gain access to a private Slack group where you can connect with other CP members and build your network. In addition to joining a community, getting discounts in the shop, and exclusive access to new content, you'll also have access to 3 new areas of the site:

1. PROblog

An exclusive blog featuring guide-like posts. Each post will be like a mini-ebook with tutorials, resources, and tips to get your business to the next level. From learning to start a YouTube channel, to customing your Squarespace site, the new posts will give you everything you need to know.

2. Podcasts

I love podcasts and listening to content while I work, run or relax. I want to make my blog posts easier to consume and come back to. With the help of my sister, we're in the process of recording some of the more popular blog posts for a podcast series.

3. Workshops

Regular visitors will still be able to register and purchase a workshop and webinar pass, but members get free access. I'll be hosting bi-monthly workshops as live video. We'll go in-depth to various topics and tools and I'll answer questions at the end. As a member, you'll also get access to the resources and recordings forever. 

ConradPro will be launching very soon - but if you want to get on the list for the launch date, head over HERE. The monthly membership pass is only $7/month and yearly passes will be $63/year. With over $200 worth of resources every year, you'll be able to seriously grow your business without emptying your pockets.

5. Personal Stuff

I got married! Yay!! July 29th, I married my best friend. If you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I'm posting way too many wedding photos. #SorryNotSorry ;)

I also wanted to explain my name, because I've had a lot of questions about it - When I started my website I was newly engaged. My maiden name is Stephanie Nora Blosser. But, since I knew I'd be getting married at the time that I was starting this website, I went ahead and used my married name, Stephanie Nora Conrad. So my site will stay the same and that's why you've been seeing the #ConradEverAfter tags on my posts. (The photos below are from Evan Olea Photography)

Alright, those are the updates and what I've been up to the last few weeks. I'd LOVE to hear some feedback, suggestions, and comments about these changes. This is my business but I am building it for you guys, so I really do care what you think!

Nora Conrad