01. Overview

Pricing & Plans

Evernote have 4 different membership levels to choose from. The first is a basic plan and 100% free. You can upload up to 60MB per month with this option. The plus membership ($25 a year) allows 1GB a month. And lastly the premium version ($50 a year) allows unlimited uploads. There is a business option as well, which you can get more information on HERE.

You can see Evernote's complete pricing information and features right HERE. Personally, I have the Premium version because I upload MASSIVE files to save, this is because I keep all my client information in Evernote. I think it is completely worth the price tag.


  • Type, upload photos, upload files, view and present PDF's
  • Share your notebooks or notes with other people
  • Chat with co-workers, family or friends within the chat function
  • Scan in files and have them automatically added to your notebooks
  • Tag, search and find files and notes from any part of your account
  • Add Google Drive files directly into your notes for quick access

The best way I can describe Evernote is a combination of OneNote, Dropbox, ShoeBox and a planner. Evernote makes every single process able to happen in one place. Their prices are fantastic and allow me to save money by working with clients, storing files and creating backups all in one place.

Evernote also has a ton of Apps and tools to go along with the actual Evernote app. You can see all of their products on THIS page. Not only do they have tools for virtually everything, but you can seamlessly connect Evernote with other online tools through IFTTT (and if you don't have an account with them yet, YOU NEED ONE).

Evernote can be accessed online and offline, from your computer, tablet, or phone.