03. Apps & Add Ons

The Evernote App

The app is super simple to use, and although I prefer the desktop version of Evernote, the app makes it easy to quickly reference notes on the go. I can scan & add business cards quickly, set reminders for myself or share notes all from my phone. Download the app on your smart phone and use it as an extension of your computer. It's a great add on to the Evernote Suite.

The Web Clipper

If you haven't already, download the web clipper from Evernote. Make sure to hop into your clipper settings before getting started to set up the notebook and tagging options. 

The more you use Evernote, the better the resource it'll become. Save important emails, articles you want to read later, or just clip things you love. Using the clipper more often will result in better search results and smarter auto filtering.

Evernote with IFTTT