04. Using Evernote

Going Paperless

Getting rid of your file folders and going digital is a piece of cake with Evernote. There are a million blog posts and YouTube videos about ways to go paperless, but it's not really that complicated. You'll need to keep physical documents of your passport, birth certificates, marriage licenses, car titles, deeds, trusts and wills - but almost everything else can be scanned and digitized. Our general rule is, if it'll take longer than 2 weeks or more than $5 to get a physical print, you should keep a paper copy. Everything else goes into your Evernote account.

One important aspect of this I need to mention is security. PLEASE, before scanning important docs and info into your Evernote, make it secure. Use two factor authentication to log in and set passwords only you would know. Regularly clear out your files and always log out of Evernote when you're on other computers. Risking your identity or losing important documents is not worth the convenience of having every digital. Evernote is already incredibly secure (read more about that here), so just make sure no human error is the cause of someone accessing your private info.

Tagging in evernote

Tags are great for organizing your notes into different or more organized sections. For example, if your rental policy fits into your file cabinet notebook, but you'd also like to save it under "expenses" or "policies", you can use tags to help you do just that. Tags are extremely useful and a great method for organizing past regular notebooks and stacks.

Evernote on the web

The Evernote web app is not my favorite method for using Evernote. It's handy if you need to change your settings or manage your subscription but there are a ton of features lacking as compared to the desktop version.

The web app also doesn't let you view PDF files within the note unless you click and open them on a different tab. This can make it hard to take notes inline with your scan and pages.

I highly recommend using the desktop version where ever you can and sticking with the smart phone app when you're on the go.