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Ready to Guest Post?

The Nora Conrad blog is a collective of guest bloggers, authors, and business women. And we're looking for some new writers! (And old writers, if you've guest blogged with me before go ahead and submit new content.)

Whether you need to get your voice in front of a new audience, you're building your list or you just feel like sharing - we would love to have you. Below is the complete process for guest posting. Please read through the guidelines below before applying and use this page as reference after you've been accepted :)


The Process

01. Apply

We have a few guidelines we ask all guest bloggers to agree to:

  • Each post must be between 1000-2000 words. This is to keep the consistency of our current posts and make sure we avoid "fluffy" content.
  • You can include video, images or opt-in offers, but we will be creating the main blog graphic to match our style and brand.
  • Please, no political, highly controversial or "rant" posts. We're focused on how-to tutorials and story-based posts. (Christian-based topics are okay).
  • If you're accepted, we will schedule your post for a specific date and email you the blog graphics for social media sharing.
  • We can't accept every idea, so please don't take it to heart - if your post is not approved, we will let you know why. Feel free to re-apply with a new idea or after you have some more experience. 
  • Your post must be original and only posted on this site (please don't submit a post you've already shared elsewhere). If the post is not approved, feel free to share it however you want. 

02. Outline

After you've been approved by our team, we'll ask you to create a blog post outline in Google Docs within 72 hours. This is where we'll be able to get a better idea of your post and help you develop something amazing. These outlines don't have to be fancy! We just need a Title, a short Intro Blurb, and 3-5 bullets of the topics you'll be going over. For example:


How to become a guest blogger.

So you want to start guest posting for other websites? Guest blogging is an amazing way to grow your audience, practice your writing and connect with new communities. Today we're going to talk about what you need to do to start guest blogging and how to make the most of your blog posts.

[insert main graphic image here]

01. Where to find guest blogging opportunities

02. How to build an opt-in for a guest post

03. Ways to connect with the audience

04. Important tips for a great application


03. Draft

After your outline is approved (we'll give you some feedback and comments if needed), you can start drafting your post. Our editor will read over your first draft after one week. This is the perfect time to ask questions, get feedback and start developing an opt-in, video, images or any other content you may want to include with your post.

04. Final Post

You'll have another 7 days after our editor reads your post to finish up the final draft. At that point we'll add in our graphic, your bio and format it for our site! In total you will have 3 days to outline the post and 14 days to write the post. After that we will add you to the queue and get your work scheduled on our site!

05. Shout it out

Once your post is scheduled, we'll email you a little packet with some social media graphics and your publish date. We'll also send a reminder a couple days before publish so you can prep some social media posts. We ALWAYS share your post on our social media channels, so feel free to share, retweet and pin your own content so all your audience can check it out too.

We also ask that you keep an eye on the comments to answer any follow-up questions or to connect with people.


Need some blog post ideas?

Keep in mind these are just ideas, no need to stick to this EXACT list.


  • Productivity
  • Business Tips or Experience
  • Online Tools and Resource Tutorials (ie. Buffer, Skype, Canva for Work, Evernote, Facebook Ads, Slack, Disqus, etc)
  • Selling or Products
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Workflows and business structure
  • Social Media and tribe-building
  • Newsletters and community
  • Information products or webinars
  • How-to tutorials and walkthroughs

You'll be in good company

We've had some amazing guest bloggers over the past year. We'd love to add more faces to our list!

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