02. Setting up a Business Account

What is G Suite?

If you want an email with your own domain name, this is your first step. If you want to use a gmail account you already have and you don't need your own domain, skip this step :)

G Suite's pricing is super simple and straightforward. There are two pricing options: G Suite and G Suite Plus. For every new team member you add, you pay double. So if you're on G Suite Plus with 3 team members, it's $30 per month. If it's just you on the Basic G Suite plan, it's $5 per month.

I'd recommend starting out with G Suite Basic, you can always upgrade (and downgrade) later on. Sign up for G Suite Here.

How to Sign Up for an Account

Head over to G Suite, and click on the blue "get started" button in the upper right-hand corner. Fill out your information in the three steps (see below) and set up your domain name through google if you don't already have one set up. Or you can connect your current domain (Google will walk you through this process step-by-step). Once your account is created, you'll be sent to your new G Suite Admin Console where you can change and edit all your settings and access all your account options.

The Admin Console


Change your company name, language, time zone, communication preferences, upload a company logo, add custom URLS, delete your account and more. This is your main hub for changing the business preferences.


This is where you can add and edit users to your account. Each new user is $5 or $10 depending on the account you choose. You'll be able to add users, delete users and reset passwords from this menu.


Here is where you can change your plan (between the $5 account and $10 account), change your billing preferences, see your monthly bills and update your subscription.


View data on your entire organization, who logs in and when, how much storage is being used, which apps are used on the account and lots more. This gets more helpful as you grow your team and need to manage your security and features.


Here's where you can connect Gmail, calendar, drive, 3rd party apps and all google services. You can choose which users access which apps.


Manage which devices have access to the account. Manage VPNs and Wi-Fi Networks in your organization.


Manage the password strength requirements of your members, set up 2-step verification and monitor password strength by user. Set up single sign-on and API references.


Get tech help, contact Google support and get reseller resources from this one page.


If you're moving from GoDaddy, Microsoft Office or Microsoft Exchange, this migration assistant makes it easy to move all your emails, contacts or calendars over in just a couple steps.


Add, remove and manage your domain alias. Create emails based on these domains.


Manage which users have administrative access. Create custom roles and manage admin privileges.


Create a group where you can join, post messages, view member lists and visit archives.