The Courses


THE Online TOOLS I use

Hosting and Providers

Squarespace // This is my current host. If you want easy-to-design and gorgeous websites, this is the one for you. Read about why I love Squarespace right HERE.

HostGator // If you’re looking for a low cost option for your Wordpress site, host gator is a really great choice. They have a website builder as well.

Google Domains // Their domains stay the same price and the setup is super simple.

Podia // I use this to host my products, email newsletter and the Zero Strategy. Sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads all on one platform.

Google Fi // When I started using my phone for business I had to switch to a network that had service everywhere. I am LOVING Google Fi and it's so much cheaper than my previous phone plan.


Stripe // A payment processor much like Paypal with less fluff and better service.

Quickbooks // This is the system we use at Nora Conrad and it's been a staple in growing this business and keeping taxes organized. Use my link to get 50% off the self-employed version.

Freshbooks // This is a great alternative to Quickbooks if you need something simpler and want to include time tracking.

Capital One // Setting up a business bank account should be easy. Capital One makes it a piece of cake and their online tools are fantastic for our growing business.


Productivity & Client Work

ToDoist // My favorite project management system, free to use but has some seriously lovely upgrades options if you want to pay a little extra.

17 Hats // If you run any kind of online service business, this tool will do EVERYTHING. From client invoicing to quotes to accounting to project management.

Harvest // This time tracker is one of my favorites. I use it with clients and to track my own time, so I pay myself a real paycheck.

Social Media 

CoSchedule // Organize your blog content and social media into one system. Get more visitors to your site and connect to Evernote, Buffer and Google Analytics.

Feedly // Easily follow your favorite blogs. Save, share and send posts to friends or quickly add them to Buffer.


newsletters & Mailing

Mailerlite // This is the newsletter tool we use for our monthly newsletters, free downloads, simplicity challenge and more. It's a simple, well designed platform that we are absolutely obsessed with. (The prices are great too)

ConvertKit // This is a great alternative to Mailerlite if you're a little more techy or have a massive list. It's a simple and great platform.

Affiliate Programs

ShareASale // Affiliate income is my most consistent and easiest source of revenue in my business. ShareASale combines thousands of businesses with bloggers to help you earn money and businesses get in front of new audiences. (Plus, it's free!)

ShopStyleCollective // If you're a fashion or lifestyle blogger, this tool is perfect for sharing your outfits and home decor while earning affiliate income.


the Physical Tools I Use

2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

Simplified Planner, Emily Ley, Daily Planner