01. Introduction

If you've spent longer than 30 minutes on Pinterest in your life, you've probably seen something about newsletters. They are the key to small business success. Building a newsletter list is fairly easy and usually free (up to 2000 subscribers on Mailchimp). So, in this course we will be taking you through all the steps you need to start building your newsletter and setting up a Mailchimp account. First, let's talk about the importance of newsletters.

Whether you're a business owner, blogger, college student or even considering selling something someday, you need a mailing list. Think about this - when you need a favor who are the first people you call? Friends? Family? When you have something to sell who are the first people you launch to? Say it with me "YOUR MAILING LIST". 

Having a group of people who willingly sign up for updates from you means you already have a captive audience and direct access to their most frequently checked channel. A mailing list is the very first thing you should create when beginning a business, blog or service.

Mailchimp is my weapon of choice when it comes to mailing lists, sign up forms and email campaigns. The best part? It's free.  Maybe you don't have a newsletter set up, maybe you already do. Either way, MailChimp makes it super easy to automate and simplify the whole process. Through this course we're going to be using Mailchimp, but feel free to pull out the tips and trick and use them on some other platform like LeadPages or ConvertKit if you'd prefer.