03. Sign Up Forms & Opt Ins

Creating Forms

Once you have a list made, you can create a sign-up form right from Mailchimp (you can also make a form in Squarespace, various WordPress plugins or using TypeForms + Zappier).

Click on your "lists" tab and click the little arrow next to "Stats" on the list you want to create a sign-up form for. Click on the second link "Signup forms". This will take you to some options

  1. General Forms
  2. Embedded Forms
  3. Subscriber Popup
  4. Form Integration
  5. Facebook form
  6. Tablet form

General forms will work best if you want to share a link to the form on social media or use a 3rd party app (Squarespace, WP, Typeform) to make a form.

Embedded forms will allow you to use a snippet of HTML code and place a form in your site (perfect for WP sidebars). The other four are a little more in-depth, so let's stick to the basics for now.

Designing, editing and formatting your sign-up form is cake in Mailchimp. They have a drag and drop feature that makes it quick to move things where you want them. For a little design help or help embedding your form watch the video below or check out MailChimp's guide HERE.