05. Building your list

Landing pages

The very first thing you should do is set up a landing page. This is a single web page that should have your contact info, links to your social media accounts and an area for people to subscribe to your list.


This can be created using Squarespace cover pages, lead pages, WordPress, Weebly or even blogger. All you need is a single page. Once you set up the page with your sign up form and a free opt-in resource (see below), link to your page everywhere. On all your social media profiles, in your bios, in emails to family and friends, EVERYWHERE. Get people to your link through guest posting or social media.

Opt-in goodies

One of the best ways to grow your list is by offering free resources for your subscribers. Creating some sort of opt-in giveaway or freebie will give people a reason to sign up, they get an instant download of resources and you get access to their email.

In the video, I'll show you how to create a freebie both in Mailchimp and on Squarespace. I also show you how I add different freebies on each blog post.

So you know HOW to make an opt-in freebie, but WHAT should it be? There are a million different ideas, and what you choose will really come down to the blog post, your niche and your personality. I made a short list of some ideas for you.

  • A full eBook or chapters from an eBook
  • A podcast or video about your content
  • A PDF version of you blog post so they can refer back to it later
  • A worksheet or workbook
  • Templates, fonts, graphics or backgrounds
  • Extension of a blog post ("10 more ways to get subscribers" for example)
  • A webinar invite or a password to a resource page

Guest posting

If you want to grow your list, but you don't have a big audience, the best way to grow is with guest posting. 

Start networking with people in your industry and (very nicely) ask for a guest post opportunity. It's best to ask and have a post ready to give them so they can see an example right away!

If they say yes, you'll want to create an opt-in freebie for your guest post. Something that the reader will want after reading your post. Instead of providing a download link in the post, provide a link to that fancy landing page you made, and give the freebie away there after the reader gives their email. 

Guest posting like this will get your name out in front of larger audiences and give you the chance to build your own audience while you do it. If you don't know where to start, guest posting is the absolute best place to start.