017. Why You Need a "Start Here" Page

A start here page is a simple way to funnel new members into your most important pages. It makes your site easier to navigate and it's a great asset for all business owners.

When someone comes to your website for the first time, what kind of impression do you want to have on them? Sometimes as business owners, we become so comfortable with our own site and our own service offerings, that we THINK our sites are easier to navigate than they are. A start here page is a simple way to invite new readers to stick around and explore all you have to offer.

If you think your site is perfect the way it is, I challenge you to test out Peek. You can go to Peek to get a free video of total strangers navigating your site. This is an incredibly valuable tool for business owners, because, like I said, we all think our sites are easier to navigate than they really are.

Use some free user testing to see what people really think of your site. Fair warning, you might need tough skin for this. Some people might hate your site, keep in mind, not every user who sends a video will be within your target market, so take advice with a grain of salt.

Let’s look at a couple reasons why you should create a “start here” page

  1. Having a link to a start here page is an easy and obvious first step for new visitors. If you were new to a site, it’s very clearly the first page you should go to. This makes it easy for you to redirect those new visitors exactly where you want them to go. A start here page is the perfect beginning to your sales funnel and it’s an easy direction for your visitors
  2. It’s easy to set up. Creating this page doesn’t have to be hard. On my own page, which you can see as an example on my start page, took about 20 minutes to build. I created graphics using Canva, then listed each area of my website with short descriptions of each link so that visitors knew what they were clicking on.
  3. It makes a great homepage. If you don’t already have a home page on your site, a start here page can easily become a home page for your business. Add on a newsletter signup and a little blurb about your business and you have a beautiful way to welcome someone to your site.

While you create your page, you might realize some ways to simplify your navigation or offerings. When I created my page, I realized there are a lot of options for someone to join a community from my site. So, I combined all those options into one Facebook page where users can connect with each other and share resources.

I also found that my library page, recommendations, and favorite tools page all had the same purpose, so I combined them together.

While you create your page, look for ways to simplify your site. Can you combine any pages together? Maybe you can delete an entire page. Maybe you’ll find that you’re missing important pages like an FAQ, a contact page or a blog archive.

Nora ConradComment