The Ultimate Guide to Mailchimp

Mailchimp can be confusing when you first get started. Or maybe you've been using it for awhile now and just want to learn some new tricks. Either way, this post is going to walk you through all the tips and tricks of Mailchimp. We're using a free account for this post so that regardless of how you use the tool, you can access everything we've mentioned in this guide.

Nora Conrad
The Ultimate Guide to CoSchedule

When you're first starting your business, the budget is tight. I know - I've been there. Everyone is recommending tools that "are only $5 per month", but you can barely afford your domain name and web host. I get it, we all have to start small.

There is, however, one tool that I recommend all business owners splurge on when they have the money. This is an investment that gives you instant returns and can grow your business faster than any other tool: CoSchedule. 

Now, I know I've recommended buffer in the past, and while I still love their tool, I think, if you can afford it, CoSchedule is a better option. This guide will take you through CoSchedule, show you how to use it and how to get your money back on your investment by building your content and social media in one spot.

Let's jump in.

Nora Conrad
The Ultimate Guide to Asana

I've talked about Asana a lot in the past. I've even flown to Houston to do a presentation on it. However, I still feel like I could write a better post for you all. Now ConradPRO has allowed me the platform to do just that! I want to cover Asana in a way that most people haven't yet.

Asana themselves have a FANTASTIC help center with articles on how to do practically anything you want. They show you how to use all their features and tools. I don't need to train you on that - but I do want to give you more solid ideas on how to use Asana for your business. This tool is a serious game changer and I use it as my business hub. So today I'll be walking you through some quick basics and teach you how to use Asana for a business hub.

Nora Conrad
The Ultimate Guide to Content

Here at Nora Conrad, we strive to teach business owners how to batch create content, products, and services in order to focus that time saved on building a community and properly marketing the content we create. We do this by connecting our faith, business, and systems into one workflow that will allow our business to run itself on passive income channels. 

Today I'm going to show you exactly how I plan out my content for an entire year.

Nora Conrad