We love to partner with brands and people to do reviews, unboxings, and sponsorships. However, we are picky about who we work with. Below is all the info you need to know before sending us a request. If you're looking to just send some products, we have a PO box listed below. We are happy to share and post content about any products we love.

01. We only review products relating to our channel (productivity, organization, Christian faith, and minimalist living). Other requests will be denied.

02. Just because you send us product does not mean we will feature you. We only share and recommend products we truly love. If you are a sponsor, we only partner with you if we have already had the chance to try out your product or service.

03. We share your product on Instagram stories and YouTube. We never created sponsored blog posts unless your brand fits with a post we have already planned.


If you think your brand would be a good fit with our values (click here), please fill out the form or email us your request.

Stephanie Conrad
Attn: Sponsorship
PO Box 612, Broomfield, CO 80038