01. Introduction

7 Days?

That's right. In 7 days you should be able to run through this course and get everything you need to get your business started. Keep in mind, it might take more than 7 days, it might take less. It all depends on how much time and effort you put into this program. If you do one section per day (this is section 1/7 congrats you're on course for being on time) you'll be done in 7 days.

Here's how I suggest you make this work. Take an hour or two to work on the section you're in. Go through all the modules in each section and when you're done, don't just put your notes in a folder, get to work! Dedicate 3-5 hours every day on your business. Work on the modules, then do the work!

There are 7 sections and multiple modules in each section with action steps for you after every video and article. Remember that it doesn't matter how long it takes you to set everything up - only that you do each step and do it well. Your clients will thank you for it down the road.


Best of luck!