04. Preparing a workflow

Why you need workflows

Workflows are important for your business. I did a 30-minute scope of this idea, you can watch the replay to get a better idea of how to use workflows.


Outline your client workflow. How are they going to contact you? How do they sign contracts? How do you communicate during the project? How do they know how much time you've used? How can they work with you in the future? Try using something like Evernote or Real Time Board to map out the steps.

Client OnBoarding

There are a ton of different ways to handle client on-boarding. What you need to decide is how you will make the transition from a lead to a paying client.

Meetings & Emails

Decide how you will communicate with your clients and leads. Do you want to meet with them before signing contracts? Are you going to have weekly meetings? Make a decision and make that clear on your website and contract.


Open a business bank account (or at least one separate from your personal bank) personally, I love Capital One. Decide what accounting system to use (Wave Accounting, Freshbooks or Quickbooks). Decide how to invoice clients (17Hats, Stripe, Paypal or your accounting system).

Working Together

Decide what project management system you'll use and familiarize yourself with it. Here are some top picks:

Wrapping Up

 Create a questionnaire to collect testimonials from your future clients. Collect past testimonials and save them in a file for future use. Add a couple testimonials to your website for added value.