06. Finding Clients


90% of my virtual assistant clients found me through word of mouth. Most business owners have friends and a community surrounding them, and when they're happy with your services, they tend to share your name with their friends. Testimonials is one of the most powerful ways to establish yourself in your niche, and you don't need a ton of experience to get them. Start off with some of your business friends. If they know what you do and how good you are, more than likely, they'd be happy to give you a testimonial for your services page. Ask friends, ask all your current clients and ask past clients.

Even if you didn't work as a VA specifically, testimonials from past jobs can be used! I used testimonials from my website design clients on my services page when I started offering coaching. Even though I didn't coach them, they spoke to my skills in organization, project management and timeliness, all skills that transfer to a coaching job as well.

When you're setting up your services page, sprinkle 2-3 testimonials on the page so that your audience feels confident that you know what you're doing.


Ask 3 people you've worked with to give you a testimonial.


I've only ever worked with one local client as a virtual assistant. I met her through our community church. However, many of the tactics you use to grow your business online can be used in local areas as well. Hang out in your local coffee shop, carry business cards with you, attend business events in your city and show up at job fairs. Getting yourself out and in front of potential clients is the best way to meet them. Make sure you've written and perfected the answer to the question "What do you do?"

Here was my answer: I work as a virtual assistant to small business owners. I help them grow their social media accounts and manage their social campaigns.

Many of you won't work locally, but it's a great way to earn extra money if you live in a fairly large city. Regardless, you should invest in some business cards. Moo is my favorite site for this because they're high quality and affordable.


When I first started working as a virtual assistant, I found most of my clients in Facebook groups. Groups like Savvy Business Owners, Shelancers, and Squarespace for Bloggers & Creatives gave me access to thousands of people looking for answers. I spent 15-20 minutes per day in the groups, answering questions I knew the answers to, sharing relevant blog posts and establishing myself as a business guru. When someone posted that they were looking for a VA or Social media manager or assistant, I shared my services page, email and a short message on what I could do for them.

Because I was active in the group, my face was recognized and I often got leads in that way. After awhile members in the group would tag me in job opportunities they thought I would fit well in, because I had helped them in the past. Establish yourself as an expert in something and let others help you find opportunities.

Here are some great Facebook groups you can join:

I don't recommend joining 20 groups - I'd recommend checking out a few and picking one or two that you really love, then putting more time and effort into those. Don't spread yourself too thin!