Make things happen by turning dreams into actions and using the best business productivity tools to get organized.

looking for more than "Just a virtual assistant"?

Automation, workflows and a streamlined process sounds amazing, but you don't have the time to set those up. That's where I come in. Unlike a typical VA, I'll step into your business exactly as it is right now. You don't have to prepare work for me or be organized before you hire me. I help you get organized and figure out how I can best serve you from where you are right now.

Whether you need me for a small project (like getting your inbox cleaned up) or you plan to work with me for the long run (like running your social media accounts) - I've built packages that are flexible to fit your needs.

Fall is all filled up // if you'd like to save a slot in the winter (Nov - Jan) you can sign up below

Nora Conrad, Virtual Assistant, Productivity Expert, Organization Coach

Meet Nora,

As a child, her favorite game was playing "office". Yup, she was THAT kid. Bossy, organized and productive as hell - skills she's carried with her through all her life. Nora works with business owners to develop systems that allow them to work less and earn more. She's an organization coach and productivity expert and she can help you get your time back.


Little Projects

($25 Per Hour)

Perfect for a test run or little projects. Five hours worth of work is perfect for getting your inbox organized, cleaning up your CRM system, setting up social media automation or a combination of small tasks. 


Small business

($22.5 per hour)

This is ideal for the small business who needs a little extra help each month. Ten hours is perfect for maintaining your social media channels, updating old blog posts or running your guest blogging system.


Monthly Retainer

($20 per hour)

This is ideal for businesses that are looking to outsource regular projects. Perfect for bookkeeping, blog post editing, social media management and customer service support.

Ready to get started?

I’ve only been working with Nora for a couple weeks, but I already feel a weight off my shoulders! She’s very experienced with a wide variety of programs and apps – something I was having trouble finding in other people. She’s helping me finally get some things checked off my list that I had been putting off and didn’t have time to do – things I know will help move my business forward. I’m so glad I hired Nora!
— Kelsey (Paper & Oats)
After working with Nora for just a few short weeks, I’ve already felt a HUGE sigh of relief, and recommended her to several other entrepreneurs. Nora is someone I trust to not only meet every deadline, but also to provide her valuable insight into effective processes + social networking. She knows her stuff, and is such an asset to my team! So grateful for my experience with her, and plan to continue to keep working with her. Highly recommend!
— Jamie (Spruce Rd)

so how do we get started?

Once you fill out the contact form (at the bottom of this page) you'll get an email from me with a questionnaire attached. This questionnaire will help our team get to know you & your business a little better while also helping us determine how we can best serve you and if we will be a good fit to work together.

After you finish the questionnaire, we ask you to schedule a short meeting. It only takes about 15 minutes and it'll be a great time to get your questions answered, discuss budget and timelines and decide if we'll work together! This is done via video chat using Skype, so make sure you have the application installed (or you know how to use Skype for web) and an account set up before our meeting.


After our meeting, if you'd like to work with me, I'll send you a detailed quote and contract. Please take your time to read the contract fully and make sure everything looks good. We can make changes and discuss the terms as needed. Once you've signed everything you'll be able to pay your invoice and we can get straight to work!

Once the invoice has been paid, we'll ask you to schedule one more meeting, this time to discuss projects! (This is the fun part). We'll outline the next week of projects and I'll get to work on where you need me the most. This is when you can update me on anything I might need to know. After the meeting we may send you a questionnaire requesting login information if needed. At the end of the meeting we'll say goodbye and I'll jump into work.

I am so happy that I worked with Nora Conrad. She made the overwhelming task of transferring to Gmail so much easier than I expected. She had the patience of an angel and answered my million questions. She organized my messages into folders that will save me so much time in the future. She created how-to videos to teach me the process so that I can take care of things on my own. She was a wealth of information and professional to work with.
— Mallika (Mikifoto)

What can you expect from working with me?

What can I do for you?

I've worked as a virtual assistant for over 6 years. That means I can pretty much do any project you need! Here are just a few of the things I can help you with, if you don't see something you need on this list, shoot me an email or schedule a consult with me! I'd be happy to discuss other options specific to your needs.

  • Email management (inbox zero!!)
  • Calendar management (scheduling appointments)
  • Social media management (automation setup and manual)
  • Blog Post editing and formatting
  • Guest post management and editing
  • Customer Service and Tech support
  • Website Management (updating site and editing pages)
  • Hiring Management (get help finding & onboarding your team)

How do we communicate?

Communication is VITAL when working with a virtual team. I use a combination of video calls (for large projects, preparation and big meetings), emails and, if you'd like to, Slack or Twist. The one platform I do require that we use is Asana. If you don't know what that is, don't worry. It's super simple and I'll train you on what you need to know.

I end each project (or each week depending on the work) with a quick update to you, letting you know your current hours remaining, any questions or concerns I might have, and a list of the work that was completed for that week.

How can I help your business long-term?

So many business owners like the idea of outsourcing, but they don't necessarily want to hire on a team mate for the long term - and that's totally fine! One of my specialties is helping you to get organized and automate your systems so that when our contract ends, you have a process in place that saves you time over the long term. We can set up any system you need to save you time, but below are a few ideas to get the cogs turning:

  • Canned emails for your most common questions
  • Organize your workflows and outline your current process to make on-boarding as smooth as possible
  • CRM system like 17hats or Dubsado setup
  • Automate client workflows and emails
  • Automating your social media accounts with Buffer, Tailwind, CoSchedule and/or Board Booster
  • Inbox organization & auto-filtration system

What can't I help with?

I think my time and your money is best used when I help you with things that I am an expert at. There are certain projects that do not fit my skills well or things that would be better delegated to someone in that specific niche. Below are a few things I cannot do for you as a virtual assistant:

  • Writing blog posts or website content regularly (content managers, ghost writers or freelance writers might be a better fit).
  • Long design projects. I can help you with small graphics or basic site updates, but I do not offer web design services within my VA offerings.
  • Booking travel plans. I do not have experience in this and I typically will not accept projects involving managing your financial accounts or making major purchases on your behalf.
  • Accounting or tax help. I can help you with basic bookkeeping but I am not a CPA and I cannot help you file taxes, or give experienced financial advice.
Nora was a great business coach. She made sure I was on track to meet my goals and gave me step by step instructions. Every time I met with her, she gave me a boost of motivation.

Nora knew her stuff and went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed. She checked up on me every week, which made me feel like she actually cared about the success of my business because she does. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to guidance on what steps to do next or for anyone who feels lost in their business. It was a great experience working with Nora.
— Felicia (Her Modish Design)
My coaching sessions with Nora have been an absolute blessing! Nora amazes me with her insightful ideas and tech-savvy tips. She helped me create a Marketing Plan and Editorial Calendar that immediately changed my business for the better! And the best part? Each week she sends me a homework list of actionable steps I can work on until our next meeting! Nora provides just the right level of accountability, flexibility, and support that I need to make my business a success!
— - Katie (Designer Guidebook)
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