You know you can get organized on your own if you just buckle down, but you need someone to build you a road map and hold you accountable. Productivity coaching is exactly what you need to get focused and catch up on your long list of projects.

We'll meet monthly and work through your goals, your to-do list and your plans. After our meeting monthly, I'll give you "homework" so you have clear and actionable steps to get you to your goals. We'll meet as many times as you need to get your business heading in the right direction again. Whether you need some feedback on one project, or someone to help you design a better process - this package can be built to fit your needs.

When we're done, you'll have clear and simple idea of what you need to do next to grow your business.

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I'll send you a simple questionnaire. This will let me get to know you and your business & help you evaluate your goals.

We'll have a 90 minute video meeting every month to work on your goals and chat about your business.

After the meeting you'll receive a video recording and an action sheet with next steps to work on until our next meeting.

Each week, I'll check in with you to answer questions, help you work on tasks, or set goals to reach during the month.


goal driven coaching

I'm ready for intense coaching and actionable steps to grow my business and get my time back!

starting at $300/Month

3 month minimum

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Problem Solving Session

I need help automating, building or solving a problem. We only need to meet once to make it work!

STARTING AT $175/Session

No minimum time frame

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*We support our military and police. Veteran, active duty, reserve and law enforcement members will get 15% off any package they choose*



  • Online business owners who feel overwhelmed with client work or trying to find clients that fit the bill.
  • Women who want to grow their business but aren't sure how to do that or what steps to take.
  • Anyone who feels their social media, blog, or client process can be simplified and automated.
  • Those who want to spend less time emailing and more time doing the work they love.


  • Bloggers who make money solely from ads and affiliate links.
  • Businesses without a website or blog who want to grow their online business with only social media.
  • Someone who wants to hire me to do everything for them without meeting or homework. 
  • Anyone not quite ready to invest their time & money into their business.
  • Anyone not willing to use Slack for communication. That's the only way we chat (no email) so you have to be okay with using that app.

Nora was a great business coach. She made sure I was on track to meet my goals and gave me step by step instructions. Every time I met with her, she gave me a boost of motivation. 

Nora knew her stuff and went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed. She checked up on me every week, which made me feel like she actually cared about the success of my business because she does. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to guidance on what steps to do next or for anyone who feels lost in their business. It was a great experience working with Nora.


-Felicia of HelloFelicia

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My coaching sessions with Nora have been an absolute blessing! Nora amazes me with her insightful ideas and tech-savvy tips. She helped me create a Marketing Plan and Editorial Calendar that immediately changed my business for the better! And the best part? Each week she sends me a homework list of actionable steps I can work on until our next meeting! Nora provides just the right level of accountability, flexibility, and support that I need to make my business a success!

- Katie of Designer Guide Book



After working with Nora for just a few short weeks, I’ve already felt a HUGE sigh of relief, and recommended her to several other entrepreneurs. Nora is someone I trust to not only meet every deadline, but also to provide her valuable insight into effective processes + social networking. She knows her stuff, and is such an asset to my team! So grateful for my experience with her, and plan to continue to keep working with her. Highly recommend!

- Jamie of Spruce Rd.

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I’ve only been working with Nora for a couple weeks, but I already feel a weight off my shoulders! She’s very experienced with a wide variety of programs and apps – something I was having trouble finding in other people. She’s helping me finally get some things checked off my list that I had been putting off and didn’t have time to do – things I know will help move my business forward. I’m so glad I hired Nora!

-Kelsey of Paper & Oats



I am so happy that I worked with Nora Conrad. She made the overwhelming task of transferring to Gmail so much easier than I expected. She had the patience of an angel and answered my million questions. She organized my messages into folders that will save me so much time in the future. She created how-to videos to teach me the process so that I can take care of things on my own. She was a wealth of information and professional to work with.

-Mallika of Mikifoto



No one likes paying for something they don't understand. That's why I have a free 15-minute consult before you ever see an invoice. You have peace of mind and I have the chance to get to know you!


Google Drive + Google Calendars
Google Calendars will be used to plan meetings, campaigns, and events. Google drive will be used to store, plan and build the plans and strategies you'll use after we're done working together.

This is the meeting/video chat tool we'll use for all our meetings. It's free to use, and we'll be able to screen share and type messages. This is available as a phone app, but I do ask that all our meetings are done from your computer or laptop so we can make the most of our time together. You will need to create an account and add me as a contact before any meetings can take place.

Emailing questions, quick ideas, and homework can clutter our inboxes and bury our updates to each other. I'll invite you to a private slack channel so we can quickly chat together without sending a single email. If you've never used slack, read this post.

How Do I know if coaching is right for me?

If you're feeling overwhelmed with work, or you're not sure what projects you need to work on first, coaching will help you. The goal of coaching is to get a outside perspective on your business and get direction on your plans and goals. I always meet all my clients before we sign a contract so if you don't feel like we're a good fit, I can give you some great ladies who might be better for your business. 

Why is the goal-driven option more expensive? Can't I just purchase 3 Problem Solving Sessions?

The Goal Driven Plan is $125 more than a problem solving session, because you get more value. When you sign on to 3-months worth of coaching with me, you don't just get the coaching sessions, you also get full access to many resources on the site. When you purchase the Goal Driven plan you'll get lifetime access to the Conrad Hub (worth $300). In addition to this, you'll also get the following with the Goal Driven plan;

  • Weekly check-ins in a private slack channel
  • Free access to all my shop items and downloadable goods
  • Monthly Session notes with personalize action plans and next steps
  • Workflow outlines with 10 pre-made templates to use for your business
  • A private client-page to view our past sessions, check your notes and download your resources
  • Extra resources and discounts on future services and affiliate tools.

That's over $550 in extra goodies that you'll get just by committing to 3 months rather than a one-time session.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for this large of an investment

I completely understand. I try to keep my prices low for the industry to accommodate smaller budgets and new business owners. I offer payment plans based on your needs, so just ask! If you won't be able to fulfill the contracted price or you're not finding value in our time together, just let me know. I don't charge fees for contract cancelations and I am more than happy to refer you to other options if we aren't a good fit. Honesty is the most important part of one-on-one coaching, so if you're struggling, just let me know.