The Self-Audit That Changed my Life

I love my life. I love my business. But it hasn’t always been that way. 

I had a great start. 

I was raised in an amazing family with parents who loved me. I was the typical teacher’s pet in elementary, overachiever in high school, valedictorian of my graduating class, and worked hard to keep everything in my life perfect. 

Then my 20’s arrived. And with them, the consequences of trying to keep everything together for so long. 

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3 Reasons Why Self Care Leads To Your Business's Success (+ 10 Easy Ways To Start!)

When you think of the stuff you're getting done for your business this week, you probably think of a never-ending mix of To-Dos you need to check off so you can succeed. But most of us don't include one thing that also leads to success: self care.


You might think self care's less important when you have a team relying on you and customers to please. You want to succeed at being your own boss, like, yesterday and that means hustling as much as possible. Sure, you'd feel better if you took care of yourself but that doesn't relate to business, right?

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10 Free Alternatives for the Newbie Blogger

When you're just starting a business or blog it can feel like everything costs way too much. I started my business with $0 and now it's earning a living income for me, so let me be a shiny example: It IS POSSIBLE to start a business for free.

There are free alternatives to 95% of the tools you see the pros using, so that's what I'm going to share with you today. I do want to start this off with a bit of a disclaimer, though. The free tools I list here are all tools I have used and some I still use to this day, however, there are some "free" options that are not that great. If you have a little bit of money to invest in your startup (even $10) check out this blog post here for a guide to what you should purchase first. 

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How to Build An Email List That Matters

According to Campaign Monitor, “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.”

Yet, most bloggers and entrepreneurs - just like you - will never see such a conversion rate.

Do you know why?

Because whether your list is growing or not, chances are you’re focusing on all the wrong ways to build your email list.

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9 Ways I Make Money Online (and exactly how I do it)

There are thousands of ways to make money online and I'd bet that most business owners don't pick just one. Adding variations to your income will keep you safe from market swings and give you a better chance to make a profit every month. Today I'm sharing the 9 ways I earn money online and how you can do it too.

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