What's the Difference between Native Advertising and Content Marketing?

Every day we come across hundreds, if not thousands of online ads. In a fast-changing world, it’s difficult to ignore messages such as “subscribe here” and “buy now.” Approximately $21 billion is the amount expected to be spent on native ads in 2018. That’s a huge amount that only goes to content. Content is king and that’s why we have professional content writing services such as https://writersdepartment.com/ that offer writing help to those with tons of writing jobs.

Taming Fear- How to Silence the Fear Monster in your Head


What images or thoughts come to your mind when you first read that word?  Fear personalizes itself to you which means your mind will spawn a unique fear monster based on your own individual life experiences.  Yep, those pesky fear monsters know exactly what words to whisper in your ear to immobilize and deter you.  But, I bring you good news! If your mind can spawn those monsters, it can also tame them. What if I told you that most of what keeps you from reaching that next level of excellence in your life, your business, or your relationships can be eliminated by simply working through a five step process?  Let's learn how to put those monsters to work for you instead of against you.

Nora Conrad
Are you making these 11 SEO mistakes?

SEO is so much more than metadata and tags. It’s not a short-term fix, but a long-term marketing strategy which includes writing content of value and compelling headings, along with formatting, metadata and more.

Although Google’s algorithms use over 200 signals, you can actually take simple, straightforward SEO measures to vastly improve your search engine ranking.

Google’s #1 mission statement is to “Focus on the user and all else will follow” – they’re looking for “relevant content” with “the best user experience possible”.

So, you can stop inadvertently hurting your potential web traffic - it’s easier than you think.

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How I finish a blog post in 3 hours

Whether you’re building a personal brand or trying to drive traffic to your site through organic SEO, blogging is the number one way to get exposure online.
But here’s the catch:
It takes patience, research, planning, a great workflow, and a whole lot of time.

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How to Crush Common Money Blocks that Women Encounter

Sometimes the one thing that may be blocking your way to success is you.
Money blocks are the mistaken beliefs, imagined fears, or hesitations that are all connected with the idea of what increased affluence will bring, or what we need to do to get there. 

These obstacles often exist only in the mind. But they can make a mark in your reality. They can lead to self-sabotage. They can dampen your entrepreneurial fire.

Nora Conrad
Why You Should Always Ask Why

We all know that knowing your "why" is important, but it's so much more than just a talking point or mission statement. It's the thing that drives your decisions, which is why you should come back to it frequently.

Recently, my husband shared how he is using the question of “why” to help his team stay on track. They were given a new assignment by their administration and immediately jumped into a how to complete the assignment and who would do each part. They argued for almost an hour trying to figure out the best approach and what would have the best outcome without adding too much to their already heavy workload. 

But they got nowhere because they didn’t start with why they were working on this new assignment. They didn’t know the overall purpose, so they got lost in the details. This happens frequently in business, especially when you’re doing things on your own with no one to bounce ideas off of.

So how do you make sure you’re always making Why a part of your business?  We’re going to go through a few easy steps to help you stay on track.

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Back 2 Basics: Search Engine Optimization

You might know that SEO is important, but understanding how to improve the SEO on your website can be a little harder. There are the basic tips, like renaming your photos, that are repeated everywhere. Today we're going to dive into HOW to optimize your site for search engines and WHY it's so dang important to do your homework first. Let's get started!

Your Best Year Yet - All Thanks to Your Planner

If you haven’t caught onto the planner craze that’s been sweeping the nation, you’ve pretty much been living under a rock. Whether you partake in it or not, using physical planners has once again captured the nation’s attention. This comes in stark contrast to the technology-obsessed society we live in today.

While not everyone likes to overload their planner with stickers, colors, and washi tape (decorative tape used to spice up a page - beware, this can quickly become an obsession), a majority of planner people agree on the benefit of consistently using a physical one. 

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Back 2 Basics: Web Design & Setup

Last week we talked about your branding and how to create an experience for your visitors. Now we're going to talk about how to apply that branding to your website and how to setup your navigation for the best use of your audience's time.

Nora Conrad
Back 2 Basics: Branding Guidelines to Follow

You know branding is important - and you probably have been told 1000 times that branding isn't "just a logo". But what does branding really look like aside from the design aspect? Today we're going to dig into the personality of your business and talk about building a structure. We're also going to look at what goes into making a brand guidebook. Let's dig in.

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How to Create a Workflow for Your Blog Posts

Workflows can help you streamline your work, and they give you a predictable routine to follow. They’re ideal for large, involved projects, especially when the projects involve more than one person. Even your blog post writing process can benefit from a workflow, especially considering how time-consuming it can be to go from brainstorming a post to scheduling it on social media.

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How to Write a Business Plan (Back 2 Basics 01)

A business plan is the foundation of your business. If you don't have a clear idea of your mission and your goals, you're basically throwing junk at the wall and waiting to see what sticks. However, business plans are boring and long so many of us skip this step. Don't worry, this business plan is short and sweet. Feel free to dig more in-depth if you'd like to get more details down, but for now, let's focus on the basics.

A Quick guide to Using a CRM tool

Being an entrepreneur entails talking - with anyone and everyone. Building relationships can be the make it or break it point for small business owners. While building those relationships, a business owner is also working on creating products, updating their social presence, maintaining current clients, and so much more. It’s difficult enough trying to keep up with all of the work you’re doing - trying to keep track of everyone you’ve ever talked to and what you said is too much. That’s why maintaining a CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is the answer to every business owner’s prayers. 

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