How to go paperless - The 2 important tools you'll need

Evernote and Google Drive are my secret weapons when it comes to a paperless home. We keep the important stuff, wedding license, birth certificates, passports, etc. But every receipt, bill, owner's manual, and paystub are digital. Today we're going to talk about how to take on this massive task and get your files organized.

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New Year, New You? 30 day goal challenge

I know everyone has different opinions on New Year resolutions - some of us love them and some of them think they’re the most annoying fad in human history. However, I think most of us can believe goals are a good thing. So, this isn’t a new year resolution challenge, it’s a goal challenge that starts at the beginning of a new year.

Learning how to make effective goals and then reach those goals is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A goal is a simple idea, but so many people have trouble reaching them. So, for an entire month, we’re going to focus on goals. How to set them, plan for success, reach the goal and what to do if you don’t reach them.

Whether you love resolutions or not, I hope this challenge will be the first of many improvements you make in this new year.

Behind The Scenes: Setting Up an Office

If you have a hard time focusing while you work, the problem might be your environment. It can be tough to work from home, especially if you don't have a dedicated office space or a bunch of cash laying around to buy new equipment. There are ways you can improve your focus, work in a spot that makes you productive and do it all for only a couple bucks.

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How to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

It's almost time. Halloween is past and the holidays are going to be running at us full speed. This year I plan to take a couple weeks away from work and clients and deadlines. Here's how you can prepare your business for the busy holiday season and maybe take some time off yourself.

3 Tools I Swore By and Why I Stopped Using Them

Buffer, ConvertKit, and Wave Accounting - I use to recommend these to everyone I ran into. But, now I don't use them at all anymore. I still think they are incredible tools and I'd still happily recommend all of them, however, I found tools I like better and work best in my systems.

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