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About Us

My name is Nora Conrad, I'm a productivity expert. I help you simplify your life, define your goals and make time for your passions. The Conrad Team & I stick to some basic guidelines to keep our own lives simple and organized. We like these ideas, and figured they were worth sharing:





Honesty is the best policy. We believe a strong brand will crumble without being honest & real through our struggles. By sharing hard lessons we learned ourselves, we hope to inspire & teach others a better way of building a life worth living.

Busy is not productive. We know spinning our wheels won’t do us or our audience any good. We strive to only do work in a meaningful & goal-driven fashion. Everything we do is done with timing, end results & efficiency in mind. 

We serve God before everything else. Through the way we communicate with you all to the graphics on this blog, everything we do is put through the filter of our Christian faith. Our goals is to act in a way that lifts others up & serves our community. 

We live in a world of impatience & noise. We don't waste our time on social media platforms we don't enjoy, we don't post fluff filled blog posts every day and we simplified our website down to the meat and potatoes. We don't waste our own time and we hope we won't waste yours.


Meet the team

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Meet Nora

Boss lady

Hey there, I'm Nora. I'm a newly wed, Christian, hazelnut latte fanatic and productivity expert. I help overwhelmed people get permanently organized. I started as a little lifestyle blog in high school and never stopped growing.


Meet Doug

Money Man

Hello, I'm Doug, Nora's husband and the money guy. I served in the U.S. Air force for 4 years before my medical discharge in 2016. I'm currently attending Colorado University for my degree in business accounting and management. 


Meet Stephanie

Project Mastermind

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I’m a blogger, project manager and virtual assistant from Montreal, Canada. I have a passion for helping others who, like me, are trying to balance the important things in life - loved ones, careers, spirituality and their passions.

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