The Courses

just want one of these courses instead of joining the conrad Hub? You can buy them individually at Conrad University.

The Inbox Zero Project

Inbox zero might sound like an impossible feat to you right now - but your inbox zero dream can be a reality. Let me help you get there.

This course takes you through the basics of setting up gmail, organizing your sh*t and getting it together. Because ain't nobody got time for 10,000 unread emails. Let's get started.

VA in 7 Days

This course is designed for anyone who needs some extra money each month.

I'm breaking down everything you need to know about getting started. From your service offerings to your website to how you do the work itself. In 7 days you'll have everything you need to build a successful start-up and start making an income.

automate your social

Learn how to create a social media strategy that is automated for you. You'll learn how to create content a whole year in advance. I'll show you all the tricks you need to engage & automate.

Learn tools like Buffer, CoSchedule and Grum to help you automate your work and get a head start on your social media calendar.

The 17Hats Bundle

17Hats bundle

Learn how to use 17Hats to save you time and streamline your process. Get paid quicker and manage clients easier with this amazing tool. Follow along the course to get set up and ready for clients.


evernote bundle

Setup Evernote the right way to store all your thoughts, plans and files in one place. I'll teach you the tips + tricks to using Evernote for your business and personal life.

The Newsletter BUNDLE.png

newsletter bundle

Setup Mailchimp to grow your audience and reach new clients. I'll take you through the process of making your campaign and building your list without pulling out your hair.